Letter from the Editor: New year, new Seahawk

Casey McAnarney, Editor in Chief

With the drastic change in media forcing news onto the Internet, college newspapers are feeling that same push as the professionals to forego the traditional print route for one of mobile websites and social media followings.

Though The Seahawk has been present online and on various social platforms for the past few years, this change is ever present and calls for radical modification over how news and content is spread to the masses. News does not reach the student body of UNC Wilmington via paper and ink, but through the cellular devices in their hands.

In order to keep up with this need and to provide the UNCW community with the coverage it desires, The Seahawk will be moving to a monthly print edition that centers on individual topics of interest to students as well as focusing heavily on publishing online frequently.

Many might disagree with this change, but the world is gravitating towards the digital and The Seahawk plans to move forward along with this transformation rather than hold on to fading ideals.