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  • Biden-Harris administration hosts roundtable to discuss the experiences of two womens pregnancies post the overturn of Roe v. Wade in 2022 (Courtesy of the Biden Campaign).


    Biden Campaign sits down with student journalists to discuss abortion rights

  • Randall Library is under construction as UNCW works to expand the building and resources it offers. (Peyton Lewis/The Seahawk)


    UNCW invests in new expansion to Randall Library

  • People walk with You belong signs at a Pride month protest. (Adiden Craver/


    Community, isolation and politics: The mental health of queer students at UNCW

  • Group shot of SWE. (Courtesy: Tyler Stubbs)


    Dredging on Wrightsville Beach coming to a close

  • Signs for primary candidates posted outside of an early voting site. (Jackson Davenport/The Seahawk)


    The New Hanover County candidates on your general election ballot

  • Smoke rises from Village Green, as seen from the Central Deck parking garage. (Amelia McNeese/The Seahawk)


    Fire at Green Village Apartments displaces residents and students

  • caption


    Ann Marie Pierce: Wilmington local who took her love of running all the way to the Olympic Trials

  •  Protestors oppose tolls at the WMPO Board Meeting. (Jackson Davenport/The Seahawk)


    Wilmington locals outraged at Cape Fear Memorial Bridge toll meeting

  • Maides Cemetery sign from the Historic Wilmington Foundation. (Sarah Carter/The Seahawk)


    Ground Penetrating Radar used at Maides Cemetery to locate unmarked graves

  • Platos Lofts at Randall sign. (Grace Lanham/The Seahawk)


    UNCW to lease off-campus apartments to accommodate increasing acceptance rates

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The news site of UNC Wilmington

The Seahawk

The news site of UNC Wilmington

The Seahawk

The news site of UNC Wilmington

The Seahawk

Clothes on hangers outside of a store. (Artificial Photography/
Fast fashion vs. thrifting: saving your money and the environment
Samantha Hill, Marketing Manager • April 7, 2024

Fashion is a form of self expression and identity. Fashion is displayed everywhere and is worn in different settings, such as school, work,...

Inside Chingon Taqueria. (Samantha Hill/The Seahawk)
REVIEW: Chingon Taqueria opens in Wilmington
Samantha Hill, Marketing Manager • February 21, 2024

After a long day of classes, I laid in bed mindlessly scrolling through my Instagram until I stumbled upon a reel that caught my eye. The...

Valentines Day candy conversation hearts. (Laura Ockel/
Valentine’s Day activities for friends and lovers
Samantha Hill, Marketing Manager • February 13, 2024

With Valentine’s Day approaching, it can be difficult to figure out plans with friends or a special someone. Check out this list of activities...

Iced coffee with vanilla inside of The Ibis (Samantha Hill/The Seahawk).
REVIEW: The Ibis Coffee and Cocktail Bar
Samantha Hill, Staff Writer • January 26, 2024

I was drawn into Ibis because it was a new coffee shop, but also it incorporates one of my many passions: music. Affordable coffee and a...

A variety of candy apples for sale at Kilwins on Market St.
Fall activities in Wilmington
Samantha Hill, Staff Writer • November 11, 2023

  Fall is here in the Wilmington area, bringing in an abundance of activities to do. Check out some of these activities in the local...

Pomegranate Books on Park Ave. (Ken Blevins/Star News)
Wilmington’s independent bookstores: Enduring in a competitive market
Logan Shaw, Contributing Writer • May 5, 2023
Picture this. The shelves are lined with spines of every color, size and font, an eclectic mix of new releases and classics. The soft chattering of book lovers browsing the shelves mingles with the espresso-scented air emanating a cozy ambiance. One alluring cover after the next beckons for attention before the bookseller wearing a welcoming smile comes into view.
Construction site of the Wilmington Eden Village, a small home community for the homeless.
The fight to end hunger and homelessness in Wilmington
Lindsey Southerland, Contributing Writer • April 12, 2023
When someone doesn’t encounter or see hardship and strife on a daily basis, it’s easy to live in a bubble and not notice anything outside of it. People are hungry, hopeless, scared, homeless and desperate for help right next door. McFadden looks out at the parking lot, deep in thought with tears brimming in her eyes. “I used to think why me? Why’d I have to go through this? Why’d this have to happen to me?” she said. “Now it’s like, why not me?” So why not you?
Three local drag performers speak out about the targeting of drag in state legislatures across the country. From left, Tara Nicole Brooks, Ebony Valentino and Tatianna Matthews. (Courtesy of Haley Smith/ATB Photography/ATB Photography) ATB:    Haley smith:
As drag comes under attack across the country, local queens speak out
Nate Mauldin, Photography Editor • March 22, 2023
Drag is an art form that goes back centuries. Many historians claim it originated with Shakespeare, whose plays were performed entirely by men—and men dressed as women. By the 1970s, following the Stonewall Uprising, the art of drag had cemented itself in American culture. Drag foremothers like Divine and Crystal LaBeija would pave the way for what it is today. Though it has evolved much over time, drag in its many forms is an expression of our creativity and humanity that has persisted throughout history.
A cup of Lucky Joe cold brew. The coffee shop says it is the original cold brew coffee shop of Wilmington since its founding in 2015. (Lucky Joe via Instagram)
How Lucky Joe Craft Coffee is getting student attention after recent setbacks
Bailey Arnold, Staff Writer • March 21, 2023
Tucked away in a quiet apartment complex not far from campus is a locally owned and operated coffee shop, Lucky Joe Craft Coffee. At first glance, the building looks like another townhouse amongst a sea of student housing, but plenty of delicious coffee, smoothies and pastries as well as work and study spaces hide behind a set of magenta doors.
History Happens Now, a mural across the street from the 1898 Memorial. The piece was created in 2020 amid nationwide Black Lives Matter protests by DREAMS, a local art education and youth development organization.
An overview of Black History Month in Wilmington
Amelia Lindsey and Grace Lanham March 13, 2023
Each February marks the beginning of Black History Month in the United States, and communities across the country take this time to reflect on and celebrate the contributions of Black Americans throughout history. This year’s national Black History Month theme was “Black Resistance,” which addresses how African Americans are dealing with oppression and the lack of institutional support in the past and present.
The Cargo District houses a variety of storefronts to explore. Most are built out of repurposed shipping containers.
The emergence of Wilmington’s Cargo District
Abigail Celoria, Culture Editor • March 5, 2023
Leslie Smith, owner of the contracting business LS Smith, Inc., moved to Wilmington twenty years ago with a desire to try something new. He worked mainly on apartment complexes—a venture that lost creative satisfaction for Smith as time went on. In 2010, Smith first explored his interests in art and industrial architecture in a property at Rosemont Ave. nicknamed “MoCo,” short for “Modern Cottage.” This was his first experience building from shipping containers.
UNCW students began preparing themselves for final exams for Fall semester of 2017 by finding a place in Randall Library to prep. Photo by: Jeff Janowski/UNCW
The best study spots in Wilmington for conquering finals
Anna Ford, Staff Writer • December 8, 2022
As finals week approaches, one thing sits at the forefront of student’s minds – how to do well on exams. Finding a comfortable and motivating place to study outside the four walls of your room can be challenging. To take some of the stress out of the season, we’ve rounded up six study spots in the Wilmington area that are perfect for preparing to ace those finals.
Cameron Art Museums State of The Art, Art of The State exhibit features art from artists around North Carolina. This event lasts for 24 hours.
UNCW creative writing students pay homage to North Carolina with poetry reading
Olivia Vizethann, Staff Writer • March 31, 2022
The Cameron Art Museum is home to many beautiful exhibits and interactive events all year round. This weekend, they will be a host to not only new visual artists, but poets as well. On April 1, a handful of UNCW creative writing students, both in the BFA and MFA programs, will be a part of a live exhibit, showcasing their talents in poetry and paying homage to the theme “State of the Art.”
Sam Shore, President of the Plastic Ocean Project, goes diving.
UNCW Plastic Ocean Project works to blend art with activism in their goal for a cleaner ocean
Kiley Woods, Staff Writer • January 18, 2022
The group is most known for their beach cleanups each semester. In fall of 2021, they collected over 800 pounds of waste from Wrightsville Beach and the surrounding beaches. Between fall of 2020 and spring of 2021, POP collected 4,122.2 pounds of waste. They also plant one tree for every 25 pounds of trash collected. The group's efforts align with their passion to maintain the ocean and promote an environmentally friendly mission.
Spill Coffee and Roastery.
Women-owned coffee shop 'Spill' is the perfect place to unwind after finals
Olivia Vizethann, Contributing Writer • December 10, 2021
From being able to talk to the owners, to watching them work behind the counter, it is clear they are an unstoppable team. Weaving in and around each other, passing oat milk, chai and espresso shots without missing a beat is like a dance, pouring passion into each cup. If you are looking for caffeine and a one-of-a-kind environment, Spill is the place to go.

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