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Skimmer 1 by Elyse Kiel.
‘Into the Wild’ at Boseman Gallery brings the beauty of nature to the heart of campus
Caroline Straubel, Culture Editor • November 24, 2021
“Into the Wild” is described as “a collection of work that embodies the spirit of the natural world and the secret beauties it has to offer,” in a description provided in Boseman Gallery. It features a range of diverse animal photographs, from a spider and its web, to the detailed patterns in a cow’s nose and the ridges of an alligator's scales.
Davis Wood acts out a scene in The Christians production.
REVIEW: UNCW's ‘The Christians’ is a modern debate of morality and religion
Kiley Woods, Staff Writer • November 13, 2021
Morality, life, death and hell are in balance in the UNCW Theatre Department's production of “The Christians.” The writer, Lucas Hnath, has shaped each character to have their own questions about religion and their own set of religious beliefs that drives their character’s moral values.
Davis Wood as Pastor Paul acts out a scene with Addison Hamlet, playing Pauls wife, Elizabeth.
UNCW Theatre Department presents 'The Christians'
Kiley Woods, Staff Writer • November 10, 2021
Twenty years ago, Pastor Paul’s church was just a church in the center of a small town. Now it is a place of love and for thought with thousands of people following in their pastors' footsteps, unsure of his next words or where his sermons will take them. Backed by a gospel choir, “The Christians” is both epic and unexpectedly intimate, an unflinching look at faith in America—and its power to unite or divide. The story highlights small-town living, as well as serious and at times complicated relationships.
The schedule for Writers Week 2021.
UNCW Department of Creative Writing kicks off annual Writers’ Week
Caroline Straubel, Culture Editor • November 1, 2021
The UNCW Department of Creative Writing is hosting the annual Writers’ Week on Monday, Nov. 1 through Friday, Nov. 5. Students interested in learning about different aspects of the writing community, ranging from an interview with a literary management agent, to learning about printing and participating in a discussion with well-known authors are encouraged to join in the week’s events.
Nanouri Winchester (left) plays Jo and Meghan McDonald (right) plays Helen in UNCWs production of A Taste of Honey.
UNCW’s ‘A Taste of Honey’ is a charming blend of message and humor
Kiley Woods and Hannah Lord September 28, 2021
With charming wit and heart-wrenching reality of post-war England, the UNCW Theatre Department’s production of “A Taste of Honey” displays a real and at times hysterical mother-daughter relationship that is captivating to watch.
One of Martinezs photos featuring Waldron Frog Joseph.
Former UNCW professor opens gallery exhibit dedicated to jazz
Kiley Woods, Contributing Writer • September 9, 2021
Martinez’s medium is a Rolleiflex camera and a Nikon 35 mm. Many of the photos are what Martinez calls “action photographs” because they were taken in jazz clubs where he was able to stand right next to these musicians. Martinez said he used the contours of his subjects’ music to find the perfect moment where the musician's facial expression and instrument would come together. Some were taken on the street to capture a moment that only lasted a second. 
The artist Dare Coulter shakes hands with Chancellor Sartarelli in front of her piece, Because Its Time.
Dare Coulter discusses the significance of UNCW's new sculpture
Kiley Woods, Contributing Writer • July 7, 2021

On Friday, June 18, UNCW celebrated the unveiling of a new sculpture which will greet students who return for the coming fall semester.     This...

The cast of the Psychosis production on stage.
Check out the theatre department's 2021-2022 Mainstage season
Cierra Noffke, Culture Editor • May 25, 2021
Following two semesters marked by COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines, UNCW’s theatre department has announced the Mainstage performances slated for the upcoming academic year. Four productions are designated for in-person showings in the Cultural Arts Building Mainstage Theatre, though subject to change depending on the course of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Healing Generational Trauma conference unites Wilmington community and the arts
Healing Generational Trauma conference unites Wilmington community and the arts
Caroline Straubel, Contributing Writer • April 24, 2021
The Healing Generational Trauma: A Community Arts Experience conference held on Saturday, April 17, focused on the trauma Black Americans face over multiple generations and the use of art as means of expressing this trauma. The conference was created under the Artivism For Social Change initiative fostered by the Office of the Arts and is available to view on the Arts at UNCW website.
Meghan McDonald (left) as Sally Talley and Davis Wood (right) as Matt Friedman.
UNCW's theatre department presents the ultimate rom-com 'Talley’s Folly'
Emma Smith, Contributing Writer • April 24, 2021
On Thursday, April 15, the UNCW Theatre Department hosted the opening night of their production, “Talley’s Folly.” Despite a limited in-person audience due to COVID-19 restrictions and a livestream for those who could not attend, the two-person cast has continuously wowed their audiences with their 90-minute rom-com.
The Office of the Arts takes on social activism with new project ‘Artivism’
The Office of the Arts takes on social activism with new project ‘Artivism’
Hannah McDonnell, Staff Writer • March 30, 2021

The Office of the Arts is creating opportunities for social justice through creativity, engagement and empowerment in a new series called “Artivism...

Lookout Labs event.
Celebrating the 10-year anniversary of Lookout Books, UNCW’s publishing house
Layla Culler, Contributing Writer • March 25, 2021

On Thursday, March 18, Lookout Books co-founder and publisher Emily Smith, and editor KaToya Ellis Fleming, hosted a special 10-year...

Sidney Wollmuth.
Meet the new editor-in-chief of Atlantis Magazine: Sidney Wollmuth on her hopes and goals for the publication
Abigail Celoria, Contributing Writer • March 24, 2021
Wollmuth is currently a junior majoring in creative writing and English literature. As an honors student and head of the Creative Arts Club on campus, she stays engaged academically and artistically. She is also a published writer—her prose and poetry have been featured in a number of literary magazines outside of UNCW.  
Artwork on Second Street in Wilmington.
Wilmington and the arts: One business owner’s fight to keep murals in Wilmington
Kiley Woods, Contributing Writer • March 23, 2021

  For the most part, Wilmington murals are diminished onto basement walls, brick buildings and stairwells where passersby walk...

The Reel Teal Film Festival announces winners for the 16th annual festival
The Reel Teal Film Festival announces winners for the 16th annual festival
Caroline Straubel, Contributing Writer • March 16, 2021

The 2021 Reel Teal Film Festival announced the winners for the 16th annual festival on March 15, 2021. The winners were selected from 37 film...

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