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2017-2018 Staff

Casey McAnarney


A senior from Raleigh double majoring in English and Communication Studies, Casey aspires to work in the field of journalism post-grad. Not only is she Editor-in-Chief of her school's paper, but she is also the Co-Campus Correspondent of UNCW's chapter of Her Campus and as a writing tutor on campus with a passion for literature. Email:

Helen Rogalski

Managing Editor

Helen is currently a junior in the Honors College double-majoring in International Studies with a concentration in the Middle East and Political Science with minors in Spanish and Creative Nonfiction. She is deeply passionate about human rights, intersectional feminism, global health, and national and international politics. Email:

Meredith Hoffman

News Editor

Meredith is a junior from Columbia, S.C. majoring in Political Science and minoring in History. She is passionate about reporting local and national political news. In addition to her love of writing and politics, Meredith enjoys rock climbing and works at Wilmington Rock Gym. Meredith hopes to one day hold a job where she can work for the improvement of women’s health options in the United States....

Noah Thomas

Sports Editor

Noah is a junior from Sanford, N.C. majoring in Communication Studies and minoring in Journalism. As a lover of sports from a young age, Noah knew he wanted to be a journalist in middle school when he realized he could combine his passion for sports with his passion for writing. Noah is a very firm believer in the Oxford comma. Email:

Chantai Thomas

Lifestyles Editor

Chantai is a senior from Fayetteville, N.C. double majoring in Professional Writing and Philosophy. Fittingly, her academic life revolves around writing and editing, and she is happy for the opportunity to apply those skills at The Seahawk. Chantai enjoys helping others create and share work they can be proud of. Email:

Samantha Durham

Opinion Editor

Sam is a general sociology major from Wilmington. As a senior, she hopes to attend graduate school and go on to make a difference in the world around her. Sam has a strong love for writing and works hard to share her opinion on different issues in a meaningful way and helps others to do the same as the Opinion Editor. Email:

Travis Stoker

Photo Editor

Travis is a junior from Raleigh, North Carolina majoring in Business with a concentration in Economics. In addition to his love for photography, he enjoys rock climbing, surfing and working out (in tank tops). His guilty pleasures include indulging in his caffeine addiction and spending too much time on his hair and in front of mirrors.

Tyler Newman

Assistant News Editor

Tyler is a junior from Virginia majoring in Political Science. He enjoys reading and writing on international news, politics, humanitarian issues, the global environment and the film industry and hopes to one day write for the New York Times. 

Noah Powers

Assistant Sports Editor

Noah is a freshman from Sanford, NC, majoring in Communication Studies with a minor in Journalism. He loves photography, bowling, and professional wrestling. For as long as he can remember, he has loved college sports.

Maddie Driggers

Assistant Lifestyles Editor

Maddie is a junior and an English major with a professional writing concentration and a journalism minor. She has always had a love for English and knew writing was something she wanted to incorporate into her career and hopes to go to grad school for journalism and work for a hip, trendy magazine a la Carrie Bradshaw.

Kyle Kissinger

Assistant Lifestyles Editor

Kyle is a junior from Winston-Salem, N.C. majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing Strategy. As a concert and movie junkie, Kyle felt the Lifestyles section was the perfect home for his writing, giving him the platform to share his love for music and film. Kyle also volunteers for ACE on campus.  

Veronica Wernicke

Assistant Opinion Editor

Veronica is a freshman from Chicago, IL majoring in communication studies and minoring in journalism. After college Veronica hopes to take on a career in journalism and write for an in print newspaper like The New York Times, LA Times, or Boston Globe. Outside of her lifelong passion for writing, Veronica enjoys riding her bike, reading, volunteering, and cheering on the Cubs....

Jack DeVries

Copy Editor

Jack is a junior from Charlotte, N.C. double majoring in supply chain management and business analytics.  He began writing opinion pieces for The Seahawk in Fall of 2017. Jack has a passion for politics and a love for the ocean.

Genevieve Guenther

Marketing Intern

Genevieve is a junior majoring in Marketing and minoring in French. She joined The Seahawk marketing team her sophomore year in an effort to refine her marketing skills and spread the word on campus about The Seahawk. She became the Social Media Director of STYMO her freshman year and continues to do so.

Alex Putman

Marketing Intern

Alex is a junior Marketing major with a concentration in Professional Selling. On campus, she is also involved with the Paws4People organization. She was highly dedicated to basketball throughout high school and before and was once featured on ESPN for her game winning, half-court buzzer shot in The Dean Dome.

Lanre Badmus

Staff Writer

Lanre is a junior from Westfield, New Jersey majoring in International Business. He is looking to potentially work internationally at some point during his career, either in trading stocks or banking. Lanre is a huge sports fan, and particularly enjoys watching soccer and basketball. 

Brian Carpenter

Staff Writer

Brian is a junior from Waxhaw, NC studying Communication Studies and minoring in Journalism. He is an avid sports fan whose favorite sports include hockey, baseball and wrestling. Brian loves to travel to different amusement parks with his big sister Ashley and ride roller coasters. Brian’s dream job would be becoming a beat writer for either the Boston Bruins or the Boston Red Sox.

Ava Hicks

Staff Writer

Ava Hicks is a junior  from Charlotte, NC majoring in Communications with a minor in Journalism. She is a staff writer for the Opinion section and greatly enjoys writing for this section because the topics allow her to take on a more lighthearted and personable tone. Ava hopes to one day get paid to travel the world and eat good food.

Kristen Rodriguez

Staff Writer

Kristen is a freshman from Tampa, Florida and majoring in political science with a minor in campaign management. She has intense interests in political analysis and therefore enjoys being able to inform other people on current events through The Seahawk. Other than politics, she does a lot of reading, historical fiction being some of her favorites. In addition, she watches a lot of TV shows on Netflix...

Jonathan Montague

Staff Writer

CJ Montague is a senior studying Performance Theatre and Communication Studies. As the Seahawk's resident film critic, he is able to indulge in his love of film and television. In his spare time, he runs a YouTube channel called The Freak's Sanctum, where he discusses the nerdy topics that engross him. He also is a member of the UNCW Quidditch Club, playing chaser and keeper. He aspires to be a professional...

Brandon Sans

Staff Writer

Brandon is a junior from Fayetteville, NC majoring in English and Communication Studies and minoring in Journalism. An avid sports fan, Brandon joined The Seahawk in 2016 and has covered UNCW Athletics ever since. Aside from sports, he is the biggest Harry Potter fan in the Muggle world....

Chris Ingham

Staff Photographer

Chris is a Junior from Apex, NC with passions for photography, rock climbing and film.

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