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UNCW staff member recieves the Johnson & Johnson vaccine at the Burney Center clinic.
OPINION: It is not too late for UNCW to require COVID-19 vaccinations
Michael Friant, Contributing Writer • August 21, 2021
UNCW already mandates certain immunizations against certain diseases such as mumps and measles. This is done to protect the greater student body from a massive outbreak. So, mandating the COVID-19 vaccine for all students would provide a layer of protection to the student body against a massive delta variant outbreak, and a subsequent reversal to an online class setting.
RA Benjamin Zumpe wearing a mask in Graham-Hewlett.
OPINION: New mask mandate returns us to an unnecessarily restricted existence
Jacob Sawyer, Staff Writer • August 3, 2021
Even as data show the pandemic to be largely over for the fully vaccinated, the fear-mongering ultimately won the war. On July 27, the CDC recommended that fully vaccinated Americans in roughly two-thirds of U.S. counties should return to covering their faces indoors. At this time, only public places are included, and private gatherings remain unaffected. This does not sound too bad, but the move is based on circumstantial evidence that ignores the overall big picture.
Rainbow flags at a pride parade.
OPINION: In honor of Pride Month, schools should create mandatory classes on LGBTQ issues
Michael Friant, Contributing Writer • June 28, 2021
This synopsis of my story is not the exception for many queer students, who are often leaving home for the very first time. With this being the case, UNCW should incorporate mandatory training for incoming and current students to both try to educate them on how to interact with and around LGBTQ people and alert them to be conscious of their fellow peers whom they do not necessarily know all that well.
Dr. Anthony Fauci during a House Select Subcommittee hearing on Thursday, April 15, 2021, on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.
OPINION: The government and mainstream media prevented us from addressing the lab-leak theory. There should be consequences.
Jacob Sawyer, Staff Writer • June 25, 2021
The leakage of COVID-19 from Wuhan’ institute has not yet been officially confirmed. It might never be, especially as the lab’s top officials, as well as their ultimate superiors in the Chinese Communist Party, continue to suppress the truth. But numerous signs, relating to both the virus itself and the suspicious politics surrounding it, have emerged in favor of the lab-leak hypothesis.
New Hanover for All’s Ashley Daniels speaks at a press conference Monday, calling on the district attorney to drop charges against three prominent protesters in Wilmington who are accused of vandalizing property.
OPINION: DA must explain and reduce charges on Wilmington protesters
Michael Friant, Contributing Writer • June 18, 2021
Although the DA’s office mysteriously dropped the charges, psychologically they won their case. This is because they made him an example of what they could do to future protesters. Any protesters familiar with his case will have second thoughts about whether to protest due to the simple fact that they might end up having to deal with legal consequences. Unfortunately, in many cases, these protesters will probably not protest in the future, which means David effectively silenced future demonstrations.
Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina.
OPINION: Stop raising parking fees at Wrightsville Beach
Elizabeth Fowler, Contributing Writer • June 5, 2021
Visitors have to pay $5 an hour to park just to shop, dine and enjoy the sun. Is that fee really worth it?   The jump in parking costs from 2018, when it was half this amount at $2.50 an hour, is classist and exclusionary. The costs have been rising annually and reached a new high for the summer season of 2021. This needs to be reevaluated and changed for all beachgoers to enjoy this public area. 
Plans for the construction on Military Cutoff Rd.
OPINION: Political leaders should use their power to accommodate for better transportation options
Michael Friant, Contributing Writer • June 3, 2021
With the current housing crisis in Wilmington, a leader of his stature should use his power to boost the welfare of all his constituents. Rep. Rouzer should not have used one of his earmark requests to secure funds for a road expansion. He should offer an alternative that would be more efficient for everyone involved.  
OPINION: Wilmington needs to be more accessible
OPINION: Wilmington needs to be more accessible
Michael Friant, Contributing Writer • May 29, 2021

While most people think of using a whole day to travel out of town, the people who rely on Wilmington public transportation have to plan their...

Palestinian protesters clash with Israeli security forces at the Hawara checkpoint south of Nablus city, in the occupied West Bank, on May 18, 2021. - Palestinians across the West Bank and in east Jerusalem and Arab districts in Israel were largely adhering to a general strike called in support of those under bombardment in Gaza, which led to violent clashes throughout the territories.
OPINION: The Gaza crisis shows that it’s time to stop glorifying your country at the expense of others
Jacob Sawyer, Staff Writer • May 29, 2021
This senseless violence is another example of patriotism taken way too far. Idolization of the state was a key driving force behind humanity’s bloodiest conflicts, including both World Wars. More recently, right-wing nationalist leaders like former U.S. President Donald Trump nearly caused a further war with policies like imposing universal sanctions on Iran and escalating economic tensions with China. Both moves were harmful to innocent civilians within their target countries and did not help the U.S. in any way.
OPINION: The money and space being used for the Christian center should be donated to help minority communities in Wilmington
OPINION: The money and space being used for the Christian center should be donated to help minority communities in Wilmington
Michael Friant, Contributing Writer • May 17, 2021
As a monist, someone who respects all religions equally, this move is pandering to white evangelicals, and it makes the case for why The Center of Christian Thought, Inc. should donate the money to the City of Wilmington for the building of a secular community center serving all the inhabitants of Wilmington, and the money should be spent building up minority communities. 
Pictured, from left, Serah Culler and her sisters Layla, Sophia, and Alexandra.
OPINION: Women need more protection and help from predators
Serah Culler, Staff Writer • May 11, 2021
I am not the only woman in North Carolina who has lived in fear of someone. I am also not the only one who dreads having to face their attacker in court. It is no secret that many women don’t come forward after they are harmed, or that they choose not to follow through with the charges. 
Boxes of tampons are in a pharmacy in New York.
OPINION: Taxation of feminine hygiene products must stop
Trina Mclean, Contributing Writer • May 11, 2021

The North Carolina General Assembly is pushing for the legislation of an act to exempt feminine hygiene products from sales tax. The products...

The UNCW columns.
OPINION: UNCW’s new campus fee increases are minuscule but necessary
Nicolas Ziccardi, Assistant Opinion Editor • April 29, 2021
While this issue may not seem significant on the surface, the fee increase is emblematic of the cultural and political environment we are living in today. Arguably, the two largest topics that faced the nation last year and continue to do so are the pandemic and police reform, so it is hardly surprising that the university has chosen to raise an extra $335,688 for both. 
OPINION: UNCW must implement wellness days
OPINION: UNCW must implement wellness days
Emma Sheeran, Opinion Editor • April 27, 2021
UNCW must implement student wellness days moving forward. This change would lead to increased academic performance, increased mental health and a decreased rate of student burnout. Student wellness days would ultimately benefit the university as a whole.
The Johnson & Johnson vaccine being administered in the UNCW Burney Center.
OPINION: The fear-driven pause of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine was a costly mistake
Jacob Sawyer, Staff Writer • April 24, 2021
Public health authorities in the U.S. have committed a massive blunder by suddenly withholding from a desperate nation a lifesaving vaccine.  Last week, the FDA and CDC recommended a pause of the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine following reports of blood clots in women who had just received the inoculation.

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