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OPINION: Life with cerebral palsy

OPINION: Life with cerebral palsy

Michael Friant, Contributing Writer March 25, 2021
March 25 is Cerebral Palsy awareness day.
President Trump and his allies were livid when Twitter exercised its commercial prerogative and banned him.

OPINION: The end of Trump’s ‘fireside chats’

Anthony Culler, Contributing Writer March 24, 2021
FDR, a Democrat, faced an adversarial force in the dominant press of the day—newspapers—the majority of which were conservative. This is in stark contrast to today’s press which most will agree is more left-leaning than the right-leaning newspapers of the 1930s. And while FDR had major resistance from the newspapers, he found solace in his radio broadcasts. You could consider it, in today’s terms, his very own social media venue. If you compare the use of Twitter by Trump during his presidency, you will see a similarity in FDR's use of radio.
The popularity of semiautomatic rifles increases the risk that mass shootings result in multiple deaths. AP Photo/Jae C. Hong

OPINION: Surging gun violence is symbolic of pandemic’s toll on struggling communities

Jacob Sawyer, Staff Writer March 24, 2021

Imagine having to constantly stay home, limit time spent in crowds and worry that today could be your last day alive. For many Americans, these challenges are only ingrained in their lives due to the...

Shaking hands in gloves.

OPINION: New CDC guidelines paint hopeful picture in U.S. fight against pandemic

Jacob Sawyer, Staff Writer March 23, 2021
To further boost vaccine demand, the incentives for the fully vaccinated could and should have been expanded even more, particularly regarding air travel. The CDC continues to retain its advice against taking to the skies, even for those with both doses. Its hesitancy to ease this guideline is understandable; if you are unknowingly carrying the coronavirus, flying across the country gives more opportunities for viral spread and could seed outbreaks that are hard to contain through contact tracing.
Filing taxes.

Advice from Sally: Achieving financial independence as a college student

March 19, 2021

Learning how to navigate personal finances in college is crucial before you graduate. Incorporate healthy financial habits now by following these tips.   Evaluate your expenses  Evaluating...

Students leaving Wagoner Hall.

UNCW’s Meal plan requirement is a blatant money grab

Nicolas Ziccardi, Assistant Opinion Editor March 19, 2021

With last week's news that sophomores would soon be required to live on campus, we also learned that sophomores would be required to purchase a meal plan. While I previously expressed my distaste for the...

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo speaks during the daily media briefing at the Office of the Governor of the State of New York on July 23, 2020, in New York City. A former aide on Feb. 24, 2021, wrote an essay about sexual harassment she says she suffered in Cuomo's office.

The Cuomo scandal underscores that party is not linked to sexual misconduct by politicians

Jacob Sawyer, Staff Writer March 10, 2021

Over the past several years, numerous American politicians have come under fire for sexual misconduct. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was accused of groping a high school classmate while drunk at...

More campus housing is under construction.

OPINION: UNCW’s two-year residency program is expected, but still disappointing

Nicolas Ziccardi, Assistant Opinion Editor March 5, 2021

With the news breaking that UNCW is going to require sophomores to live on-campus in addition to purchasing an All-Access meal plan, many underclassman students are understandably frustrated and disappointed....

Staying at home.

Advice from Sally: Prioritize your mental health

March 4, 2021

Dear Seahawks,   Make your mental health a priority this semester. College students nationwide have been facing a mental health crisis since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Anxiety, stress and...

President Joe Biden delivers remarks on the national economy in the State Dining Room at the White House on Feb. 5, 2021. The president’s first speech to Congress is generally an opportunity to lay out long-term policy themes as well as shorter-term legislative goals.

OPINION: Why politician’s promises are not always kept, and why they make them anyway

Nicolas Ziccardi, Assistant Opinion Editor March 2, 2021

Candidates make many promises before and during their time in office, and presidential candidates are certainly no exception. President Biden for example, who has been in office for over a month now has...

Russian President Vladimir Putin addresses the virtual World Economic Forum via a video link from Moscow on January 27, 2021.

OPINION: Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine is a potential game-changer for the developing world’s post-COVID virus recovery

Jacob Sawyer, Staff Writer March 2, 2021

Western countries are correct in their decision to pass up authorizing Sputnik V, the COVID-19 vaccine developed by Russia. But not in the way you may think, nor they think. The shot, authorized in...

Stuck in quarantine.

Photo by Hamish Duncan on Unsplash

OPINION: What it’s like to have autism during a pandemic

Jacob Sawyer, Staff Writer February 28, 2021

COVID-19 has been devastating. Millions worldwide are dead from the virus, and tens of millions of people are sick. Hospitals on every corner of the globe are overwhelmed, and medical workers are exhausted....

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