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OPINION: Kamala Harris could only behave one way during the debate

Democratic presidential nominee former Vice President Joe Biden, left, and running mate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) take the stage to deliver remarks at Alexis Dupont High School in Wilmington, Delaware, on Wednesday, Aug. 12, 2020. The pair will be regularly tested for coronavirus as campaigning intensifies in the weeks before the election. (Drew Angerer/Getty Images/TNS)

Hannah Horowitz, Contributing Writer

October 17, 2020

Compared to the hysterics that we witnessed at the first presidential debate, the vice-presidential debate was much more professional, filled with passive-aggressive statements and non-answered questions. Senator Harris only had one option for behavior that would not sink the Biden campaign’s current poll numbers, and it is solely based on her sex. 

Where my ladies at: The presence of female coaches in sports

Katie Sowers, an offensive assistant with the San Francisco 49ers, is the first woman to coach in the Super Bowl.

Veronica Wernicke, Opinion Editor

May 25, 2020

Breathing heavily, I cradled the ball in my lacrosse stick as I ran to the goal hoping and wishing this would finally be my chance to sink the ball straight past the goalie. One breath. Two breaths. SWISH. As soon as the ball pushed the net back I turned to coach Kristin Schwarz and we both cheered. Once...

Female directors deserve better

Female directors deserve better

Veronica Wernicke, Assistant Opinion Editor

January 17, 2020

The 2020 Oscar nominations were recently announced and, for the 92nd year, they have disappointed. The full list of nominees can be found on the official Oscars website. Despite several well-reviewed films directed by women, zero women received nominations for best director. This year’s nominees for best dire...

Club Spotlight: Feminist Student Alliance

Photo by UNCW Feminist Student Alliance.

Fairley Lloyd, Staff Writer

October 9, 2019

Many students are interested in activism but do not know where to start. Luckily, UNCW has plenty of organizations centered around advocacy. For those focused on gender equality and advocating for the overall population, The Feminist Student Alliance (FSA) is a good fit, regardless of gender or other...

Modern princess: mass communication and monarchy

Meghan Markle, left, and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, attend the first Royal Foundation Forum on February 28, 2018, in London. (Rota/i-Images/Zuma Press/TNS)

Sunshine Angulo, Staff Writer

April 13, 2019

Professor Jude Davies of American Literature and Culture from the University of Winchester in the United Kingdom and author of “Diana, A Cultural History: Gender, Race, Nation, and the People’s Princess” held a campus lecture titled, “Modern Princesses: Celebrity and the Ideal, from Princess Diana to Meghan Markle.” The lecture was held on Wednesday, April 10, at M...

Views from abroad: We needed “Captain Marvel”

Views from abroad: We needed “Captain Marvel”

Veronica Wernicke, Assistant Opinion Editor

March 21, 2019

'Ello and welcome back to this week's edition of “Views from abroad.” This week, I am very excited to be jumping into a particularly favorite topic of mine – no, not the Jonas Brothers again – Marvel, specifically the latest installment in their franchise, “Captain Marvel.” The highly-antic...

Women’s History Month 2019: How far we have come, and how far we have to go

Photo credit: Paras Griffin from TNS

Brenna Flanagan, Lifestyles Assistant Editor

March 8, 2019

Women’s History Month correlates with International Women’s Day on March 8 and this year’s theme is #BalanceforBetter. The theme encourages people to seek and eliminate gender bias and inequality while celebrating women’s achievements.

Title IX proposals under DeVos provides a ‘definite shift’

Director of Title IX & Clery Compliance Amber Resetar with members from the ollaboration for Assault Response & Education (CARE) office on campus.

Helen Rogalski, Managing Editor

January 17, 2019

On Tuesday, Jan. 15, the Collaboration for Assault Response and Education (CARE) hosted an open forum about Title IX in the Clocktower Lounge in Fisher Student Center on campus. The event was hosted to discuss the proposed changes to Title IX by Secretary of Education Betsey DeVos. Title IX was enacted on June 23, 1972. “No person in ...

Cucalorus 24 Review: “This Changes Everything”

Still from This Changes Everything.

Veronica Wernicke, Opinion Editor

November 14, 2018

50 percent of films shown at Cucalorus are made by women. Sadly, that isn’t the case everywhere else.    I was brought to tears by "This Changes Everything," Tom Donahue's documentary about the representation and misrepresentation of women in Hollywood. So many times in Hollywood movies, we have ...

The SheHawk: MLB is lacking in female employees

MLB female umpire Jen Pawol working at a Detroit Tigers game in 2018.

Veronica Wernicke, Opinion Editor

October 15, 2018

Major League Baseball's (MLB) postseason is upon us, as is the excitement that surrounds it as thousands of fans — myself included — are glued to their televisions in anticipation of cheering on their favorite MLB team. I would definitely call myself a baseball fan since I have loved watching and...

The SheHawk: Gen Z, millennials, and the search for more

The SheHawk: Gen Z, millennials, and the search for more

Gabriella Dionisio, Staff Writer

October 1, 2018

Gabriella Dionisio is a senior studying English and journalism. The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author. Gabriella can be found on Instagram @gabrielladionisio. All suggestions and inquiries may be sent via email to [email protected] When I was a little girl, there was...

Learning from Mollie

Learning from Mollie

Caroline Shaver, Contributing Writer

September 10, 2018

Editor’s Note: Caroline Shaver is a sophomore at Cape Fear Community College getting her Associate’s in Arts and is a Contributing Writer for The Seahawk. The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author. All suggestions and inquiries may be sent via email to [email protected] You are twen...

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