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Keanu Reeves in The Matrix Resurrections (2021).

REVIEW: ‘The Matrix: Resurrections’ is the meta anti-sequel that stands apart from its predecessors

Boyce Rucker, Intern December 29, 2021
“The Matrix Resurrections” does not recapture the intrigue and mystery of the 1999 film, but it does recognize this in a meta fashion and it shows that it is still a world worth exploring. The film will be divisive among long-time fans, but it stands apart as an interesting approach to the matrix canon.
“Fiona and Jane,” by Jean Chen Ho.

10 books college students should read in 2022

Caroline Straubel, Culture Editor December 22, 2021
If you’re looking to read more in the new year, look no further than The Seahawk’s anticipated books of the year. These books span multiple genres, including historical fiction, sci-fi, contemporary fiction and non-fiction, offering a much-needed means of escape from the pressures of college life. See below for the selection.
The Seahawk staffs picks of 2021

The Seahawk staff’s picks of 2021

Brenna Flanagan, Editor-in-Chief December 22, 2021
The year is coming to an end and The Seahawk's staff is here to recount their favorites bits of 2021. We all sat down and came up with our favorite pieces of media and moments from this year, recommended to you so maybe you can catch up with the best of 2021 before the spring semester starts.
Tom Holland stars in “Spider-Man: No Way Home” (2021).

REVIEW: ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ is the movie event of the year (Contains Spoilers)

Abigail Celoria, Contributing Writer December 18, 2021
With the success the MCU is accustomed to, “Spider-Man: No Way Home” could have been a throw-away, fan-serving flick. Instead, it is a mature and entertaining film that fans of both the MCU and Spider-Man will not only love but respect. There is excellence in every moment of this film—its choices are deliberate, and it takes bold risks. It is the tribute that the beloved superhero deserves and speaks to the future of the character in the most encouraging sense.
Prince Amponsah and Mackenzie Davis in “Station Eleven” (2021).

REVIEW: HBO Max’s ‘Station Eleven’ examines artistry and human connection beyond apocalypse

Boyce Rucker, Intern December 18, 2021
“Station Eleven” is an uplifting and gripping story of human relationships in the post-apocalypse. The writing and its characters are thoroughly engaging, as we bear witness to a unique story of a dystopian world. The show crafts a hopeful picture for a post-pandemic world that drives hope for our own return to normalcy, or some semblance of it.
Sandra Bullock in “The Unforgivable” (2021).

REVIEW: ‘The Unforgivable’ is a gritty film about trauma at a young age and being haunted by the past

Grace Hall, Contributing Writer December 12, 2021
In a world where children are forced to grow up too fast, life doesn’t just go on. The past is carried heavily, and though regrets may be held as well, this doesn’t mean others will forgive you. Everyone is a child in one way or another, yearning for love and attempting to find their way in life. The web of pain spreads from one individual to another, and as the saying goes, hurt people hurt people. “The Unforgivable” really bends down to a child’s level, looks them in the eye, and begs the question, “When does it stop?”
Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence in “Dont Look Up” (2021).

REVIEW: A star-studded ensemble delivers dark humor in the existential satire ‘Don’t Look Up’

Boyce Rucker, Intern December 12, 2021
The film adopts the narrative premise of disaster movies and frames it in a realistic, though highly satirical, scope. The film sets up characters that play into the archetypes of those found in disaster films, like the heroic scientists, the sacrificial savior and the president who is willing to take action. However, the film deconstructs these archetypes to highlight the futility in such efforts if humanity were to ever confront a global threat that could cause extinction. It is easy to discount “Don’t Look Up” as ‘2020: The Movie,’ but there is a human story beneath the over-the-top satire. If the film’s premise and themes are too obvious, it is still worth watching for the performances alone.
The Mainstage Theatre in the Cultural Arts Building.

UNCW Department of Theatre announces mainstage shows for 2022-2023 season

Caroline Straubel, Culture Editor December 3, 2021
The UNCW Department of Theatre performs a number of thought-provoking plays each season, bringing audiences into worlds beyond our imaginations. The 2022-2023 season adds to this long list with four new mainstage productions ranging from Greek tragedies to sci-fi spectacles that are sure to enchant audiences.
Lady Gaga in “House of Gucci” (2021).

REVIEW: Lady Gaga lends dramatic quality to the biographical drama ‘House of Gucci’

Boyce Rucker, Intern November 28, 2021
The casting for the movie is exceptional, but Gaga gives a larger-than-life performance. Gaga’s pop star persona is barely noticeable here as she immerses herself into the role of Patrizia. Although Patrizia is still alive, Gaga refused to meet with her as she did not want to fuel Patrizia’s self-glorification for her former husband’s murder. Choosing to focus on videos and interview clips instead, Gaga replicates Patrizia’s mannerisms, Italian accent and fashion choices.
Hailee Steinfeld and Jeremy Renner in “Hawkeye” (2021).

REVIEW: The original MCU Avenger gets his dues in the grounded Disney+ series ‘Hawkeye’

Boyce Rucker, Intern November 28, 2021
Disney+ has presented fans with shows that act as pivotal additions to the MCU canon, and “Hawkeye” is a strong debut that looks like it can add to the streaming services winning streak of Marvel shows. The grounded series continues Clint Barton’s story and prepares to pave the way for Kate Bishop’s future in the MCU.
Will Smith, Saniyya Sidney, and Demi Singleton in “King Richard” (2021).

REVIEW: Will Smith gives a natural performance in the moving sports biopic ‘King Richard’

Boyce Rucker, Intern November 24, 2021
“King Richard” may simply read like a Venus and Serena biopic when we read the synopsis, but it is also a story of Richard Williams and his drive to see their potential come to fruition. While Williams’ training methods are questionable, the film gives us a closer look into why he is so outspoken and driven. Will Smith gives an enthralling performance that is one part of the film’s selling point, in addition to Serena and Venus Williams’ upbringing.
The cast of “The Wheel of Time” (2021).

REVIEW: ‘The Wheel of Time’ stumbles on first steps, but finds its footing in this epic fantasy adventure

Abigail Celoria, Contributing Writer November 21, 2021
In a way, it would be difficult to make a wholly unenjoyable adaptation of Jordan’s series. The books themselves were so well-crafted that Amazon already stands on a steady foundation. There are so many plot elements in the series that it becomes more of a matter of what to choose. From the episodes released so far, it is clear that Amazon’s strategy for streamlining the book series is giving the Two Rivers five equal weights. Whether or not this is successful will likely depend on the pace the show keeps, as demonstrated by these first three episodes. While it is no home run, this first season of “The Wheel of Time” seems to be headed in a positive direction.
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