Rose looks to leave her mark on Seahawk soccer program

Louisa Currigan | Staff Writer

Momentum is a powerful thing. But sometimes it’s a grinding halt that ultimately brings us to our destination. Soccer player and Senior Stephanie Rose witnessed this principle firsthand during her first three years on the team.

After a less than ideal 2011 season, Stephanie stands at the forefront of a team that’s prepared to do whatever it takes to make this season a success.

And so far, they haven’t disappointed.

“We know what works, what doesn’t work and what kind of works,” said Rose. “We’ve won more games than we did last year and have scored more goals than we did last year.”

As a senior, Rose’s experience serves as both an example and inspiration for new and returning players. While the team has gone through its ups and downs, Rose’s individual athletic career has remained strong throughout her tenure at UNCW.

From an appearance in Sports Illustrated’s “Faces in the Crowd” section to most recently being named as an All-CAA First-Team selection last season, Rose seems to be on a constant roll, even when the team isn’t at its strongest.

The key to her success lies in the dedication she exhibits to the sport.

“I just work hard all the time. Whether it’s at practice, whether it’s extra sessions, I’m always trying to push myself.” said Rose. “That way, if we are down in a game, I know that I can handle that pressure or that stress.”

Hard work is not an unfamiliar term to athletes, and while Rose embodies that concept, it’s her unflinching positivity that seems to be the real key to her success. Even when describing the team’s low points, there’s a certain optimism that undoubtedly influences her success, as well as that of the team.

“No one really knew what was wrong last year,” she said. “Everyone’s effort was always there in every game; we just never got the results we wanted. I can’t really pin point what’s different, but something is.”

With a new strength and conditioning coach, Mark Williams, Rose says that this year’s team is the most fit she’s seen during her time with the Seahawks. Even on the team’s “Terrible Tuesdays”, when the players rotate between interval training and playing, Rose recognizes that the strenuousness of the practice only improves their performance during games.

While Rose wants to continue her success on the field for the Seahawks, she also has high hopes for her future after this year.

“After I graduate, I plan on going to play over seas, either in Finland, Sweden, or Norway.” said Rose. “So hopefully that works out because that would be really fun.”

Considering Rose’s achievements so far, it seems only a matter of time before she reaches every goal she aims for.