Senior Spotlight

Senior Spotlight

Senior Spotlight

Noah Thomas | Sports Editor

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Name: William Bunch

Sport: Men’s Track and Field

Major/Minor: Majoring in Business Administration with a minor in Psychology.

Favorite memory: “My favorite memory in my time here being on the Track and Field team are the vast accounts of support for our running program in response to our teams being cut and fundraising to save them. We are used to working together as a team but getting to see the passion, pride and love from and for our team is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. I got to read my teammates heartfelt statements and letters for why they run, what the team means to them and how we have influenced one another. I got to stand in the rain for a rally, listen to my teammates and speak my own mind about why we think our team is important and is worth something to our community. And from those efforts, our community responded, they showed us how much they cared about us and were so generous in their support. We may have done a lot of work to raise money but what really saved our program was the grace of those who were so compassionate and helped us reach our goal of raising $250,000. The money makes it a clear objective goal but what it took to reach it, the conversations, emails, speeches, letters, events, sponsorships, tears, leadership and advocates, that’s time and commitment that takes a lot of love to foster. We often spoke of the family atmosphere within the 100 or so teammates we have, but last spring that extended to thousands of people. I cannot offer enough gratitude for those who supported us and will forever be indebted to you.”

Plans after graduation:”I am in the process of applying for jobs in the financial services industries. I have some promising prospects and am very excited for the opportunities that may come with my trip to NYC in December with the Finance and Economic department.”

What will you miss the most?: “I’m going to miss how often I am able to see my friends, there are a lot of people I’ve grown close to here and I see a lot of heartache coming.”