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Black Foot, Standing Bear, Big Eagle, Sioux. Three members of the Sioux tribe pose in Indian Village, 1898.

Recognizing Native American Heritage Month: Who was here before us?

Hannah McDonnell, Staff Writer November 27, 2020

This is the 30th anniversary of government recognized Native American Heritage month and despite the civic rupture of 2020, we have found ourselves recognizing silenced voices and the history of their...

Winter break plans: a road trip through North Carolina

Winter break plans: a road trip through North Carolina

Sophia Ho , Contributing Writer November 18, 2020
As winter break approaches, we typically have the motivation of family reunions, extravagant vacations, New Year’s Eve parties, and holiday events to get us through finals, but this year seems a little different. With the COVID-19 virus still heavily affecting our lives, plans are changing and everyone is searching for new, safe and socially distant ways to enjoy this much needed mental break.
Pictured: Sarah Campbell
Photo courtesy of Sarah Campbell

Humans of the Dub: What Thanksgiving means to me

Sunshine Angulo, Humans of the Dub - Head Editor November 18, 2020
"When I think of Thanksgiving, I don’t think of it as a holiday to celebrate the Americas being founded. I know that’s what they teach you in school, but to me when I think of Thanksgiving, I think of eating food and celebrating with my family. But I 100% agree that it should not be celebrated like how they teach you in school. I think the holiday is sugarcoated."
A home decorated for the annual McAdenville Lights.

SeaSquawks: When do you put up Christmas decorations? UNCW speaks

Darius Melton and Katelyn Vargas December 5, 2019

The sweet holidays start up in October for Halloween and end in April with Easter. It is a lovely trail consisting of candy, turkey, candy, champagne, candy, Irish alcohol and ending with candy once more...

A big Thanksgiving meal is an American tradition, but overeating on holidays happens in countries all over the world, according to a new study.

14 tips for holiday healthy eating

Sydney Blair, Contributing Writer November 22, 2019

Nearly 10 Thanksgivings ago, I ate too much turkey and ended up on the couch nearly in tears from my own physical discomfort. Although I was around the age of 11, my mom likes to remind me of this embarrassing...

Campus ministry holds Thanksgiving meal to celebrate diversity

Campus ministry holds Thanksgiving meal to celebrate diversity

Samantha Dickerson, Lifestyles Assistant Editor November 26, 2018
Gratefulness and thanksgiving, these are the pillars of many of the world’s religions, and in a time where cohesiveness seems impossible, it is the most important to reach out and create bonds in the UNCW community.
How to survive Thanksgiving with your family

How to survive Thanksgiving with your family

Brenna Flanagan, Staff Writer November 20, 2018

Ah, Thanksgiving. A break from school, an opportunity to eat incredibly tasty food in very large portions, and a time to relax with family. Well, the last one might not be so true, especially if your Thanksgiving...

How to host a successful Friendsgiving

How to host a successful Friendsgiving

Skylar Chadwick, Contributing Writer November 21, 2017

Hosting a Friendsgiving isn’t a complicated task, but it is more involved than simply inviting people over for dinner. There are plenty of moving parts to consider and you will need a plan to make sure...

Gospel Gab: Who are we thanking?

Gospel Gab: Who are we thanking?

Ava Hicks, Staff Writer November 19, 2017

Editor's Note: Ava Hicks is a junior at UNCW studying Communications with a minor in Journalism. Ava also serves as a staff writer for The Seahawk and a regular columnist for Gospel Gab. The opinions expressed...

You’re cracking me up

I'm LOVING all the Turkey-Day disaster stories you're posting for me. They're hilarious - and you're making me feel a little bit better (just a wee bit) about holiday cooking. I mean, everyone flubs up...

Turkey-day disasters

Hey, why don't they tell you to look in BOTH ends of the frozen turkey before you cook it (or do they, and I just ignored it???!!!)? Ha! Because I nearly cooked a plastic bag full of giblets (eeeuuuwwwww!!!)...

How do you divide up the holidays?

I'm thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas already. I know, Halloween hasn't even come yet. But I'm trying to plan ahead about where we're going to spend the holidays. It's always interesting, trying...

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