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Jacob Sawyer
Jacob is a sophmore majoring in political science and communication studies. He enjoys running, talking to friends, politics, music, and the weather. After college, he hopes to work at a charitable organization and/or become a journalist. You can contact him at [email protected]

Jacob Sawyer, Staff Writer

Nov 17, 2020
OPINION: America cannot afford another shutdown (Story)
Nov 02, 2020
OPINION: Trump isn’t the only serious threat to American democracy (Story)
Oct 22, 2020
OPINION: We must prepare for the next pandemic now (Story)
Oct 18, 2020
OPINION: Legalize cannabis now (Story)
Oct 11, 2020
OPINION: America is at risk for another civil war (Story)
Oct 03, 2020
OPINION: Governments have too much power (Story)
Oct 02, 2020
OPINION: America needs tougher gun laws, but don’t freak out, gun supporters. (Story)
Sep 18, 2020
OPINION: We don’t have to tank the global economy to fight climate change (Story)
Sep 15, 2020
OPINION: Were the extended lockdowns really worth it? (Story)
Sep 15, 2020
OPINION: There’s a clear candidate to achieve peace with North Korea (Story)
Sep 07, 2020
OPINION: The violent protests and riots must end (Story)
Aug 26, 2020
OPINION: Trump’s inaction on the USPS crisis should concern everyone (Story)
Aug 13, 2020
OPINION: In defense of Trump’s actions against TikTok (Story)
Aug 11, 2020
Trump signs executive order to ban social media app TikTok (Story)
Mar 15, 2020
UNCW extends spring break, transitions classes to online to combat coronavirus fears (Story)
Mar 07, 2020
UNCW cancels Europe spring break trips after N.C. patients test positive for COVID-19 (Story)
Mar 03, 2020
Harvey Weinstein convicted on two counts of sexual assault (Story)
Feb 26, 2020
New traffic pattern improves dangerous intersection near UNCW (Story)
Feb 21, 2020
Coronavirus: fact and fiction (Story)
Dec 20, 2019
US House of Representatives vote to impeach Trump (Story)
Nov 23, 2019
Cookout-owned TacoRoos to open soon near campus (Story)
Nov 13, 2019
New highway historical marker commemorates 1898 Wilmington coup (Story)
Oct 31, 2019
Adults are not handing your kids drugs on Halloween—but they are hitting them with cars (Story)
Oct 09, 2019
Trump warns that a ‘civil war’ will start should his impeachment be successful (Story/Media)
Oct 08, 2019
Presentation educates perils of cash-bail system (Story/Media)
Oct 02, 2019
UNC Wilmington maintains status of “Doctoral University: High Research Activity” for 2019-20 academic year (Story/Media)
Sep 27, 2019
Punishing tardiness does not teach kids punctuality—it teaches them to resent their education (Story/Media)
Sep 17, 2019
Florence vs. Dorian: The evacuations and how they were handled (Media)
Sep 11, 2019
UNCW and surrounding area suffer trace damage after Dorian (Story/Media)
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Jacob Sawyer