Cookout-owned TacoRoos to open soon near campus


Caitlyn Dark

TacoRoos location at S College and College Acres, pictured as of 23 November 2019.

Jacob Sawyer, Staff Writer

TacoRoos, a taco restaurant owned by the burger chain CookOut, is set to soon open on the corner of College Road and College Acres Drive. The building was vacant following the closure of a former Hardee’s establishment but was renovated over the course of 2019.

The restaurant’s exterior sports a long mirror on it side leading to the drive-thru window, an enhancement already on display at the CookOut location on the other side of the school. Unlike that location, TacoRoos has an adequate space for a dining room, attracting students who are reliant on foot or public transportation. The only CookOut in Wilmington to contain interior dining is about 20 minutes from UNCW, making that location inaccessible for most students.

UNCW students will be able to utilize the establishment to their advantage in addition to CookOut. Although they will be unable to use their meal plan due to it being off campus, they will be able to walk there and dine on-location. The location is also placed well enough to serve as a place for students from both on-campus as well as apartments just off campus to meet and socialize.

“I think it’s a good spot to open since it’s right off campus,” lauded senior Claire DuFour. She recalled that the Hardee’s “was not made of good use” and had to shutter.

The news is especially welcome to students who have become jaded with the on-campus selections. These vendors also close earlier than most restaurants in town, making it difficult for students without transportation to obtain food late at night. Chick-Fil-a and Wagoner Hall, for instance, close at 10:00 p.m., while Dub’s Cafe shutters at 8:00 p.m. during the week and never opens on weekends.

“I’m not a fan of the Mexican place on campus already, the one in Fisher,” junior Ashey Milliken said. “I just don’t like it. There’s certain taco places that I just don’t like and the one on campus is one of them…so I think it’s a good extra option.” That establishment is located in Hawk’s Nest, which stays open no later than 8:00 p.m. most nights.

Uncertainty remains, though, over the prices and qualities of the tacos and whether students will favor them over the ones served in the student union. However, the restaurant will likely be a decent option for any student who enjoys tacos, especially those who enjoy eating them late!