Looking into my Crystal Ball: Basketball Commentary

Tyler Heffernan | Sports Editor

Brett Favre is making headlines off the field, college football fans are starting to gripe about the BCS and so-called experts are predicting how the college basketball season will play out. Yup, just another November in the sports world.

How much attention should be paid to those basketball analysts claiming to have a crystal ball? Not much, if any at all. Ken Pomeroy is known as a statistical guru and has made season predictions as part of his annual “Pomeroy College Basketball Ratings.”

Pomeroy pits the UNC-Wilmington men’s team at No. 256 in Division 1. He also nabs the Seahawks as a 10-game winner this season, which is a monumental task for a team with a strength of schedule rating in the top 20. After all, Pomeroy ranks only five of UNCW’s opponents this season at a worse overall ranking.

After the season opener against No. 9 Florida, the Seahawks seem to be embracing their role as underdogs. I admit, I thought the Chicago Cubs had a better chance of winning the World Series last Friday—and the MLB season has been over for months—but UNCW hung in there over 500 miles away from the familiar confines of Trask Coliseum.

The Seahawks battled with the Gators and even took a five point lead after six minutes of action. However, their lead quickly became a deficit after a UF 12-4 run. The Gators wouldn’t let UNCW come closer than three points the rest of the way en route to a 77-60 victory.

Looking ahead, the Seahawks need to win both of their upcoming home games. Liberty and Morehead State are not cupcakes, but nevertheless, they’re both beatable opponents. If UNCW comes out on top in both contests this week, the Seahawks will have their first regular season winning record since Nov. 19, 2008, when they were routed by Wake Forest, dropping their record to 2-1.

Even if this scenario plays out, UNCW will face its toughest challenge all season Saturday when they travel to Ohio State to take on the No. 4 Buckeyes. What are the Seahawks’ chances?

Pomeroy gives the Seahawks a 1 percent possibility of leaving Columbus with a win. As for me, I’ll head to Wrigley Field to watch the Cubs clinch their first World Series title in 102 years. Catch my drift?