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New campus dorms set to open Fall 2020

The current construction site of the four new dorms, located behind Graham & Hewlett  and Belk Hall.

Spencer Boring, Staff Writer

March 6, 2020

UNC Wilmington students will have more housing options available to them in the fall of 2020 with the completion of the Pelican and Sandpiper halls. Pelican and Sandpiper are two of the four halls being built to replace the former University Apartments, which were damaged and subsequently demolished ...

SeaSquawks: Have UNCW students “enjoyed watching the progress” of the Seahawk Quad?

Construction of the new UNCW residence halls on Nov. 19, 2019

Katelyn Vargas, Contributing Writer

November 21, 2019

At UNC Wilmington, construction is all over our campus. Both on-campus and off-campus students have had the opportunity to watch the progress being made to UNCW throughout the past few years. One construction project is the Seahawk Quad. The Seahawk Quad is where new student housing will be and new...

Welcome to UNCW: home of constant construction

Construction on UNCW's campus as of August 28, 2019.

Veronica Wernicke, Assistant Opinion Editor

August 29, 2019

As someone who had not physically been on campus between December 2018 and August 2019 thanks to my semester abroad in the spring, I noticed a huge change in the progress and amount of construction at UNC Wilmington. For better and for worse.  A few of the major changes I noticed were the st...

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: University Apartments may be gone, but what happened there is not

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: University Apartments may be gone, but what happened there is not

Shea Huse, UNCW Academic Advisor

February 19, 2019

There was a groundbreaking celebration that board members, directors, and the chancellor attended. There were pictures taken of everyone standing in front of the new construction with smiles on their faces and shovels in their hands. There was a story on the home page of the website, an article in the...

UNCW breaks ground on four new residential buildings

UNCW Vice Chancellor Pat Leonard, right, speaks to the crowd at a groundbreaking ceremony for new residence halls to be built by fall 2020 and 2021.

Fairley Lloyd, Assistant News Editor

February 7, 2019

UNC Wilmington Chancellor Jose V. Sartarelli, the UNC Board of Trustees, and other community and university members broke ground on the new on-campus residence halls in a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Thursday. This open event took place on the lawn outside of the Hub building across from Galloway Hall...

Renovation and expansion of Randall Library planned

A visual design of Randall Library following renovations.

Tyler Newman, Assistant News Editor

February 2, 2019

Randall Library, UNC Wilmington’s only library, is set to undergo a physical overhaul in the coming years that involves renovating the old and expanding the new. The 169,000 square foot repository of knowledge, study space, archives and office space extends its vast footprint of building space a...

UNCW Housing offers update on University Apartments, new buildings to open in 2020

Demolition of the University Apartments took place in early January.

Fairley Lloyd, Assistant News Editor

January 27, 2019

After Hurricane Florence tore through UNC Wilmington in mid-September, repairs and construction commenced on several buildings around campus. Much attention has been paid to the reconstruction on the University Apartments in recent months, which were demolished ahead of schedule in early January due...

Staff, students displaced from parking due to construction

A sign reading

Jonny Berrios, Staff Writer

January 25, 2019

As of Dec. 7, Parking Lot G – located outside of Morton and Leutze Halls — is closed to faculty and staff. Due to the damage caused by Hurricane Florence during the fall semester, modular facilities were placed in the parking lot in order to allow further repairs around campus. “Florence put...

70 years of student opinions

The Seahawk's first issue and editorial

Veronica Wernicke, Opinion Editor

November 24, 2018

For the past 70 years -- woohoo -- writers for The Seahawk have been taking a stance and voicing their opinions about not only worldly views but most importantly the issues on UNC Wilmington's campus. Over these 70 years, students at UNCW have faced many issues -- whether it be with Wave transportation, ...

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