UNCW Housing offers update on University Apartments, new buildings to open in 2020


Helen Rogalski/The Seahawk

Demolition of the University Apartments took place in early January.

Fairley Lloyd, Assistant News Editor

After Hurricane Florence tore through UNC Wilmington in mid-September, repairs and construction commenced on several buildings around campus.

Much attention has been paid to the reconstruction on the University Apartments in recent months, which were demolished ahead of schedule in early January due to outstanding damage and will be replaced with new housing.

Peter Groenendyk, the director of UNCW Housing and Residence Life, answered a few questions regarding reconstruction in the area.

“The University Apartments were scheduled to come down in two phases,” Groenendyk said. “About five buildings were to be removed at the end of the 2018-2019 academic year or early fall 2019. The remaining buildings were to be removed at the end of the spring 2020 semester.”

When asked about the model for the new housing, Groenendyk explained a rough outline.

“We had plans to add housing and redevelop the area with four new buildings,” he said. “The model for the new housings includes two pod-style residence halls and two suite-style residence halls, respectively.”

With the early closure of UA, many students have been displaced. Groenendyk explained that students who lived in UA have been accommodated in “a number of ways.”

“A group of students opted to find housing on their own off-campus,” he said.

Students who had been living in hotels during the fall semester were moved back on campus for the spring.

Groenendyk also gave an update on the timeline for moving into the new housing area.

“The first two buildings will be ready at move-in for fall 2020,” he said. “The two suite buildings will be ready for fall 2021.”