Rowland becoming one of program’s top performers

Laura Fitzgerald | Staff Writer

UNC Wilmington softball player Casey Rowland is on a record-breaking streak and continues to amaze her coaches, teammates and even herself. She is known as the girl who always adds a splash of glitter, but don’t let that fool you. She’s a girl on a mission when she steps on that mound. Her dominance and powerful arm make it tough for batters to maintain a good hit off any pitch she throws.

As a freshman Rowland started in 24 games and earned herself a top ranking record of 139 strikeouts in a single season. This record made her the third pitcher to accomplish this not so easy task in UNC-Wilmington’s school history.

“Earning those 139 strikeouts was a privilege as well as an honor”, Rowland said. The record setting doesn’t stop there.

She also matched the 12 strikeouts against Coastal Carolina from a previous season, which came as a complete and wonderful surprise to her. She was named CAA’s pitcher of the week thanks to her eight no-hit innings against NCAA Super Regional qualifier Hofstra. Rowland also picked up her first collegiate victory in her shutout against North Carolina A & T. Breaking these records and being acknowledged for all her hard work was a good feeling for Rowland, but she knows she can continue to do better.

This season brings more confidence and more opportunities to continue the record breaking streak.

“I want to improve more on my mental game this season,” she said. “Being a pitcher requires a lot of mental strength and I really need to stay focused on the mound. Last season I got in my head a little bit. That won’t happen this season”,

New head coach Kristy Norton has already made an impact on Rowland’s pitching. She continues to help her on the mental aspect of the game as well as her technique. So far this season Rowland has earned herself 83 strikeouts and eight game wins. The Seahawks next play at home on April 16th against UNC-Greensboro.