New Hanover County 2020 election results


Travis Stoker

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Veronica Wernicke, News Editor

This is a developing story and will be updated as more information becomes available. Check back for updates. 

As of Nov. 6, the North Carolina State Board of Election unofficial 2020 general election results have reported 100% of the state’s precincts, however, only 74.56% (5,487,734 out of 7,359,798) of the ballots casts have been counted. According to reports from WECT, local boards of elections are set to meet between Nov. 10 and 13 to approve the remaining provisional and absentee ballots. Official election results are expected to be reported following those meetings. N

The New Hanover County Board of Elections is expected to meet Nov. 12 to review and count those votes and again on Nov. 13 to “conduct the county canvass of election results.”

New Hanover County unofficial results were last updated on Nov. 3 at 10:14 pm and have counted 73.30% (129,989 out of 177,350) of the ballots cast. 

You can view the unofficial North Carolina election results here. The winning candidate of each race is indicated in bold.


Board of Commissioners (3)

Bill Rivenbark (R) with 17.50% or 60,249 votes

Deb Hays (R) with 17.01% or 58,578 votes

Jonathan Barfield, Jr. (D) with 16.85% or 58,014

Skip Watkins (R) with 16.71% or 57,537 votes

Leslie Cohen (D) with 16.12% or  55,498 votes

Kyle Horton (D) with 15.81% or 54,420 votes

Rivenbark and Hays are the newest members of the board, while Barfield was re-elected for a fourth term. The makeup for the board remains the same with a 3-2 Republican skew.


Board of Education (3)

Stephanie Walker (D) with 17.85% or  60,929 votes

Stephanie Kraybill (R) with 17.70% or 60,416 votes

Hugh McManus (D) with 17.38% or 59,320 votes

Pete Wildeboer (R) with 16.44% or 56,130 votes

Tony McGhee (R) with 15.59% or 53,216 votes

Chris Meek (D) with 15.04% or 51,321 votes

Walker, Kraybill and McManus are all fresh faces for the board and for the first time with a Democratic majority. Following this election and the previous one in 2018, the board is made up of a new roster. 


Register of Deeds

Tammy T. Beasley (R) with 53.53% or 65,934 votes

Clayton Hamerski (D) with 41.98% or 51,704 votes

Peter McClain (G) with 4.50% or 5,539 votes


Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor:

Matthew Collogan with 32.75% or 30,137 votes

David Dowdy with 25.77% or 23,704 votes

Robert F. Allen, Sr. with 25.20% or 23,187 votes

Jeremy Tominack with 13.42% or 12,384 votes

Write-In (Miscellaneous) with 2.85% or 2,624 votes