NextGen NC offers insight into President Trump’s visits to NC


Tribune News Service

President Donald Trump speaks to his supporters during a Thursday rally in Freeland, Michigan. (Mandi Wright/Detroit Free Press/TNS)

Aurora Xiong, Contributing Writer

President Donald Trump’s recent visit to N.C. has sparked some discussions behind his intentions. With the 2020 presidential elections quickly approaching, Trump seems to be treading up new ideas on how to better his campaign strategies and win a swing stats such as N.C.  

Progressive political organizations like NextGen North Carolina have their thoughts about Trump’s recent visits.  

During Trump’s speech in front of the U.S.S North Carolina, on Sept. 2, he spoke about the protesting and mobs that had occurred this summer in regard to several instances of racial injustice in the United States.  

With this designation, we proudly declare that in America, we don’t tear down the past,” said Trump during his speech “We celebrate our heroes. We cherish our heritage and preserve our history, and we build the future.”  

Some spectators believed this was his way of referring to the statues that had been torn down in response to the racial injustices. They also believe this was Trump’s form of using these examples of violence as a way to promote himself during this re-election.  

NextGen North Carolina believes Trump’s remarks have made his and his campaign’s beliefs clear.   

“The Biden Harris committee is prompt to helping minority communities and assisting the pressures that the younger generation faces today and in their coming futures,” said a NextGen spokesperson. “NextGen believes that protesting and voting are vital ways in creating a change that the younger generations need to see in the next presidential candidate.”  

Losing N.C. for both political parties seems to be of great concern. Hence, Trump’s recent visits to this southern state. NextGen called N.C. ‘the swingiest of all swinging states’. Why? Well, the state of N.C. provides a very dynamic environment from the city of Raleigh and Charlotte to the rural communities up in the mountains. This leaves plentiful room for more diversity in political beliefs and individual partisanship.  

“Nobody ever wins North Carolina in a landslide of numbers but rather, these razor-thin margins,” said a NextGen N.C. spokesperson.  

Thus, showing that N.C. is greatly diverse rather than leaning totally blue or red.  

“President Trump sees how many ballots have been requested in North Carolina and this can only prompt him to continue visiting North Carolina,” said a NextGen N.C. spokesperson. “Trump does not want to see a flip in the Senate.”  

NextGen North Carolina’s purpose is to aid younger voters no matter what party they may be affiliated with.  

“Younger voters are generally more democratic-leaning,” said a NextGen N.C. spokesperson “This is because Biden-Harris focuses on policies that directly involve their futures. Climate change, immigration, student debt and affordable healthcare are all essential policies that need to be touched. Donald Trump seems to only be digging us into a deeper hole.”  

NextGen North Carolina is working with college students from all campuses across N.C. NextGen also recently endorsed Governor Roy Cooper for re-election through the launching of their campaign, “College Kids for Roy Cooper.” This new launch helps to inform young voters more about Roy Cooper versus Dan Forest, the republican representative. NextGen also hopes to provide even more essential information in regard to new policy goals for Joe Biden and Cal Cunningham, the democratic representative running for the Senate.  

NextGen hopes to aid and engage directly with the American youth. For more information about “College Kids for Roy Cooper,” please visit their website.