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  • University of North Carolina sign located in front of Hoggard Hall (Samantha Hill/The Seahawk)


    UNC Board of Governors Committee moves to eliminate DEI policy

  • Students and faculty walking down Chancellors Walk shouting DEI cannot go! (Samantha Hill/The Seahawk)


    BSU protest against the new UNC DEI policy change

  • Sign outside of Randall Library. (Samantha Hill/The Seahawk)


    REDdress demonstration outside of Randall Library

  • Image of the April 2 SGA Meeting where they discussed the grading point-scale change. (Jackson Davenport/The Seahawk)


    SGA looks to implement universal 10-point grading scale

  • Photos of


    Q&A with 2024-2025 school year student body president and student body vice president

  • Image of emergency service vehicles outside of Morton. (Peyton James/The Seahawk)


    ​​COVID cluster or electrical fire?

  • Biden-Harris administration hosts roundtable to discuss the experiences of two womens pregnancies post the overturn of Roe v. Wade in 2022 (Courtesy of the Biden Campaign).


    Biden Campaign sits down with student journalists to discuss abortion rights

  • Randall Library is under construction as UNCW works to expand the building and resources it offers. (Peyton Lewis/The Seahawk)


    UNCW invests in new expansion to Randall Library

  • People walk with You belong signs at a Pride month protest. (Adiden Craver/


    Community, isolation and politics: The mental health of queer students at UNCW

  • Group shot of SWE. (Courtesy: Tyler Stubbs)


    Dredging on Wrightsville Beach coming to a close

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The news site of UNC Wilmington

The Seahawk

The news site of UNC Wilmington

The Seahawk

The news site of UNC Wilmington

The Seahawk

Movie poster for Love Lies Bleeding. (Courtesy: A24)

REVIEW: “Love Lies Bleeding” puts queer romance in the limelight—and kills

Kennedy Cole, Contributing Writer April 24, 2024

Queer. Romance. Thriller. On their own, these three genres have powerful connotations and large audiences, each in their personal, private way. It’s not often that these three words are placed in...

People walk with You belong signs at a Pride month protest. (Adiden Craver/

Community, isolation and politics: The mental health of queer students at UNCW

Hannah Markov, Staff Writer March 20, 2024

  Editor’s Note: I was heading to class in Morton Hall and on my usual walk to class, I see on the blackboard that stands in the hallway “a student at N.C. State committed suicide,...

Lorie Smith, a Christian graphic artist and website designer in Colorado, addresses supporters outside the Supreme Court on Dec. 5, 2022, in Washington, D.C. (Kent Nishimura/Los Angeles Times/TNS)

OPINION: Religious beliefs should not overrule LGBTQ+ rights

Michael Friant, Staff Writer November 7, 2023

Imagine moving to or traveling to another state where a core part of your identity is not legally recognized because of religion led politics. This is the road that the Supreme Court and Congress are...

A student protester holds a sign outside of the Burney Center during the Razor Walker Awards ceremony.

OPINION: Dear Campus Community, are we overcoming adversity or enabling it?

Hannah Markov, Editor-in-Chief April 29, 2023
Dear Campus Community, It’s difficult for me to express myself thoroughly sometimes. As Editor-in-Chief, that may be strange to hear, but anger, disbelief and disappointment come easy when spoken or written off-handedly in a journal. However, to emulate those emotions in writing for you all is a whole different matter. Anger, disbelief and disappointment. How else can I describe the feeling of knowing my own university celebrated a bigot?
Student protesters hold signs outside of the Burney Center during the Razor Walker Awards ceremony. (Nate Mauldin/The Seahawk)

Sen. Michael Lee receives Razor Walker Award for Public Policy despite protests

Amelia Lindsey and Nate Mauldin April 26, 2023
On Tuesday, April 25, North Carolina Senator Michael Lee (R) received the Razor Walker Award for Public Policy from UNCW’s Watson College of Education. The award is to distinguish those who overcome barriers and take professional risks to support childrens’ education, and “walk the razor’s edge” alongside students. 
The AIDS Memorial Quilt on display at Randall Library, a 54-ton tapestry that features almost 50,000 panels and the names of 105,000 people.

The National AIDS Memorial Quilt remembers a generation lost to disease and prejudice

Nate Mauldin, Staff Writer February 15, 2023
As students return to class for the spring semester, many may overlook various artworks on display across campus. One such piece is the AIDS Memorial Quilt, which recently left the Cultural Arts Building and Randall Library as part of an annual display from Dec. 1, 2022 to Jan. 31, 2023. Each year the quilts spark local conversation surrounding HIV/AIDS and its impact on history. While only a temporary display, it serves as a reminder of the very real battle so many face against the virus even today.

REVIEW: ‘My Policeman’ is a compelling drama of love and self-exploration

Nate Mauldin, Staff Writer October 25, 2022
A romantic drama set along the English coast, the stylistic setting and poignant performances found in “My Policeman” leave audiences with a beautiful message about finding love and coming to terms with our innermost identity.

OPINION: In honor of Pride Month, schools should create mandatory classes on LGBTQ issues

Michael Friant, Contributing Writer June 28, 2021
This synopsis of my story is not the exception for many queer students, who are often leaving home for the very first time. With this being the case, UNCW should incorporate mandatory training for incoming and current students to both try to educate them on how to interact with and around LGBTQ people and alert them to be conscious of their fellow peers whom they do not necessarily know all that well.
During Pride Month in St. Petersburg, rainbow flags fly in front of local businesses or in shop windows.

Pride Month is supposed to be proud, not scary

William Becker, Staff Writer June 21, 2020

June is gay (LGBTQ+) pride month. Everywhere seems to be sporting a pride flag to show off how progressive and accepting they are and a decent amount of people are, or would be. Considering the Coronavirus...

AIDS Memorial Quilt display in Randall Library on December 10.

AIDS Memorial Quilt visits Wilmington

Kassie Bild, Staff Writer January 13, 2020

The cross-country journey of the AIDS Memorial Quilt made a stop at UNC Wilmington and the surrounding area. The AIDS Memorial Quilt was in Wilmington starting Nov. 30 and was in the area till Dec....

Meghan Karg, Vice-President of the UNCW Quidditch team, proudly wears the entire color spectrum to support the LGBTQIA+ community.

Downtown Wilmington celebrates 3rd annual Port City Pride

John Hasan Yildiz, Assistant Opinions Editor September 12, 2019

Before hurricane Dorian introduced itself, Wilmington residents adorned themselves in Pride flags and colors on August 31 for the 3rd annual Port City Pride Block party. Held in a celebration of diversity...

Advice from Sally Seahawk 2/6/19

Advice from Sally Seahawk 2/6/19

Sally Seahawk, Contributing Writer February 6, 2019

My boyfriend and I have only been dating for about a month, but he wants to do something serious for Valentine's Day. How can I tell him it might be too soon? Hey! So maybe see what he defines as “serious.”...

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