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Humans of the Dub: Coping with finals week

Molly Crum, senior Communication Studies major, on coping with stress during finals week. Photo courtesy of Molly Crum.
November 25, 2020
"Whatever you don’t get done that day, you have time. It’s not the world is going to end if you miss an assignment. Take it little by little. Don’t look at the big picture.”

Don’t stress: 6 tips for getting through finals week

Don't stress: 6 tips for getting through finals week
November 22, 2020

Finals are hard enough without the added stress of online classes, no pass/fail option and a global pandemic. For students in need of support while studying for finals, here are a few helpful tips. Establish...

10 ways you definitely know it’s “crunch time” at UNCW

10 ways you definitely know it’s
December 9, 2018

Library parking lots, cubicles, and room reservations are packed. During a class break, after meetings, or late at night, you head to Randall Library to bust through some of your work, only to...

Advice from Sally Seahawk

Advice from Sally Seahawk
April 11, 2018

I’m currently drowning in schoolwork and I need tips on how to not procrastinate.  This is something that I’m pretty sure every college student needs tips on. I need tips on it myself. During these last...

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