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Pride Month is supposed to be proud, not scary

During Pride Month in St. Petersburg, rainbow flags fly in front of local businesses or in shop windows.

William Becker, Staff Writer

June 21, 2020

June is gay (LGBTQ+) pride month. Everywhere seems to be sporting a pride flag to show off how progressive and accepting they are and a decent amount of people are, or would be. Considering the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has made public gatherings impossible including marching in support of LGBTQ+, people ar...

Downtown Wilmington celebrates 3rd annual Port City Pride

Meghan Karg, Vice-President of the UNCW Quidditch team, proudly wears the entire color spectrum to support the LGBTQIA+ community.

John Hasan Yildiz, Assistant Opinions Editor

September 12, 2019

Before hurricane Dorian introduced itself, Wilmington residents adorned themselves in Pride flags and colors on August 31 for the 3rd annual Port City Pride Block party. Held in a celebration of diversity and support of Wilmington’s queer community, the streets were aligned with a rainbow of families,...

Seahawks run Hofstra out of Trask in 90-70 homecoming win

No. 15 Devontae Cacok

Noah Thomas, Sports Editor

February 10, 2018

On paper, the cards were stacked against UNC Wilmington in Saturday’s homecoming game against CAA rival Hofstra. In the midst of a three-game losing streak that included a loss in their first meeting with the Pride, the Seahawks played some of their best basketball of the 2018 season on the way to ...

This week in UNCW sports history: Hofstra rivalry, revisted

This week in UNCW sports history: Hofstra rivalry, revisted

Collin Underwood, Staff Writer

January 31, 2018

As UNC Wilmington men’s basketball prepares for its annual trip up north to Hofstra, The Seahawk took a look back at the 2015-16 season to reflect on the budding rivalry between the Seahawks and the Pride. Early in 2016, then-UNCW coach Kevin Keatts continued his turnaround of the UNCW basketba...

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