How can you not be romantic about baseball?


Zachary Kilby

Ethan Chenault and Matt Suggs after UNCW’s win over Northeastern on May 28, 2021.

Zachary Kilby, Sports Editor

In many ways, loving baseball is similar to being in a romantic relationship. Both require a lot of time, work, passion, and most importantly, patience. Each can make your heart skip a beat or break it altogether. Neither has a clue as to how long it might last. Perfect days will come few and far between. Either one can throw you a breaking ball in the dirt when you are expecting a fastball down the middle. One can be just as puzzling as the other.

And in the end, both revolve around a diamond.

After Northeastern’s walk-off home run in the CAA Championship helped push the Huskies past UNCW, 11-10, total silence on one end of the field completely drowned out mayhem on the other.

Standing near the Seahawk dugout after the game, you could not only hear a pin drop but could feel a shake after it hit the ground. The uneasy feeling caused by the thought of the season’s end was now a reality.

UNCW’s magical 2021 season was over.

Numerous members of Teal Nation left Brooks Field after the end of the game. A few stayed and some cried.

But for those who stayed, it wasn’t to further embrace the agony of defeat. It was almost as if fans thought staying would somehow prolong ‘the season that should have been.’

“Baseball can be hard on you,” said UNCW Head Coach Randy Hood. “It can be really hard. I told the guys I don’t have much to say other than you guys gave us everything…these guys have done everything we have asked. I’m so proud of them.”

Sometimes it seems unfair. You love baseball so much, but there are moments when it feels as though it doesn’t love you back. Yet it’s the risk you continue taking because there’s no better feeling when it does.

Hence, the question is asked and echoed in the wise words of Billy Beane…

“How can you not be romantic about baseball?”