NC 2020 election results


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The North Carolina State Capitol building, where these bills discussed by Judge JH Corpening were deliberated over by NC officials.

Veronica Wernicke, News Editor

This is a developing story and will be updated as more information becomes available. Check back for updates. 

This article was updated on Nov. 20 to reflect the updated numbers and wins. 

As of Nov. 6 at 1:40 pm, the North Carolina State Board of Election unofficial 2020 general election results have reported 100% of the state’s precincts, however, only 74.56% (5,487,734 out of 7,359,798) of the ballots casts have been counted.

According to reports from WECT, local boards of elections are set to meet between Nov. 10 and 13 to approve the remaining provisional and absentee ballots. Official election results are expected to be reported following those meetings. 

North Carolina was seen as a battleground state this election given the close makeup of republicans and democrats residing in the state and its most populous counties. Due to this several of the races have yet to be called due to the number of remaining ballots left to be counted and how close some of the races are, within one or less of a percentage point. 

The local elections are the ones that will more directly affect Wilmington and the county. You can view the unofficial New Hanover County election results here.



US Senate

Thom Tillis REP 2,665,604 48.69%
Cal Cunningham DEM 2,569,968 46.94%
Shannon W. Bray LIB 171,570 3.13%
Kevin E. Hayes CST 67,817 1.24%

This is a tight race and one that most of the county has been watching. Tillis was seeking re-election for a second term and his win would help the republican party maintain their majority in the Senate. Meanwhile, Cunningham, a former state senator and Army reserve officer, ran for his first term who is Both campaigns came under the eye of the county when Tillis tested positive for the coronavirus (COVID-19) after attending the supreme court nomination of Amy Coney Barret and when Cunningham was revealed to have had an affair.  

On Nov. 10 Cunningham conceded to Tillis.


US House of Representatives District 7

David Rouzer REP 272,446 60.25%
Christopher M. Ward DEM 179,051 39.59%
Write-In (Miscellaneous) 426 0.09%
Theresa (Terri) Everett (Write-In) 294 0.07%



NC Governor

Roy Cooper DEM 2,834,797 51.52%
Dan Forest REP 2,586,607 47.01%
Steven J. DiFiore LIB 60,448 1.10%
Al Pisano CST 20,933 0.38%

This was another key race for the state as Cooper was running for re-election against his current lieutenant governor and Republican Dan Forest who often criticized Cooper for his handling of COVID-19 in the state. 


NC Lieutenant Governor

Mark Robinson REP 2,800,657 51.63%
Yvonne Lewis Holley DEM 2,623,463 48.37%


NC Attorney General

Josh Stein DEM 2,713,404 50.13%
Jim O’Neill REP 2,699,781 49.87%


NC Auditor

*This race has not been called.

Beth A. Wood DEM 2,730,181 50.88%
Anthony Wayne (Tony) Street REP 2,635,826 49.12%


NC Commissioner of Agriculture

Steve Troxler REP 2,901,851 53.86%
Jenna Wadsworth DEM 2,485,727 46.14%


NC Commissioner of Insurance

Mike Causey REP 2,775,490 51.76%
Wayne Goodwin DEM 2,586,469 48.24%


NC Commissioner of Labor

Josh Dobson REP 2,726,623 50.83%
Jessica Holmes DEM 2,637,530 49.17%


NC Secretary of State

Elaine Marshall DEM 2,755,577 51.16%
E.C. Sykes REP 2,630,561 48.84%


NC Superintendent of Public Instruction

Catherine Truitt REP 2,753,222 51.38%
Jen Mangrum DEM 2,605,174 48.62%


NC Treasurer

Dale R. Folwell REP 2,812,801 52.58%
Ronnie Chatterji DEM 2,537,023 47.42%


NC Supreme Court Chief Justice Seat 1

*This race has not been called and is currently in a recount. 

Paul Newby (R) with 50.03% or 2,671,422 votes

Cheri Beasley (D) with 49.97% or 2,667,947 votes


NC Supreme Court Associate Justice Seat 2

Phil Berger, Jr. REP 2,723,706 50.67%
Lucy Inman DEM 2,652,192 49.33%


NC Supreme Court Associate Justice Seat 4

Tamara Barringer REP 2,746,364 51.21%
Mark Davis DEM 2,616,270 48.79%


NC Court of Appeals Judge Seat 4

April C. Wood REP 2,767,471 51.78%
Tricia Shields DEM 2,577,018 48.22%


NC Court of Appeals Judge Seat 5

Fred Gore REP 2,735,955 51.27%
Lora Christine Cubbage DEM 2,600,636 48.73%


NC Court of Appeals Judge Seat 6

Chris Dillon REP 2,769,023 51.95%
Gray Styers DEM 2,561,094 48.05%


NC Court of Appeals Judge Seat 7

Jeff Carpenter REP 2,747,112 51.59%
Reuben F. Young DEM 2,578,039 48.41%


NC Court of Appeals Judge Seat 13

Jefferson G. Griffin REP 2,720,504 51.16%
Chris Brook DEM 2,597,577 48.84%


NC State Senate District 9

Michael Lee REP 63,259 50.51%
Harper Peterson DEM 61,991 49.49%

This was another tight race in the state as Lee served in the state senate before Peterson won his seat in 2018. In its current standings, a recount would not be allowed since the margin is greater than 1%, a recount affirmed Peterson’s win in 2018.

Peterson conceded to Lee the week of Nov. 15.


NC House of Representatives District 20

Ted Davis, Jr. REP 28,119 55.32%
Adam Ericson DEM 22,707 44.68%



*All district offices candidates ran unopposed 

NC District Court Judge District 5 Seat 5

J.H. Corpening II (D)


NC District Court Judge District 5 Seat 6

Richard Russell Davis (D)


NC District Court Judge District 5 Seat 7

Jeffrey Evan Noecker (D)


NC District Court Judge District 5 Seat 8

Sandra Alice Ray (R)


NC District Court Judge District 5 Seat 9

Robin Wicks Robinson (D)