LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Helen reps The Seahawk

Alex Putman and Genna Guenther

Photograph courtesy of the Office of University Relations.

The Seahawk is proud to announce Helen Rogalski, managing editor of The Seahawk, will represent the newspaper on the University of North Carolina Wilmington’s 2019 Homecoming court.

Helen has been a member of The Seahawk since her freshman year in 2015. Because of her hard work and dedication, she earned a position on the executive board as the Opinion Editor within her first year. She continued to be a member of the executive board by becoming managing editor. She has held this position for two years.

During her time as managing editor, she has made a significant impact in each section of the newspaper. She single-handedly recruited almost half of the current executive board while also recruiting new writers from her classes and through talking with friends.

Since her start with The Seahawk, she has been the smiling face welcoming all new joining members. If you have ever been to a meeting, you know Helen will be the first person to ask you your name and is eager to learn more about you as a person. She keeps the room laughing and smiling with her ability to have fun while still working hard.

One of her biggest accomplishments during her time with the newspaper is merging Humans of the Dub with The Seahawk and becoming the Director. She succeeded in recruiting a team of the best writers to keep Humans of the Dub as a way for people to get to know more about members of the UNCW community.

As a student, Helen was accepted into the Honors College as a sophomore through her hard work in the classroom. Courageously, she has taken on the task of submitting not one, but two honors theses. Helen will be graduating in May 2019 from the Honors College with a Bachelors of Arts in International Studies and Political Science with minors in Spanish and Women’s and Gender Studies.

We are so proud to have Helen represent The Seahawk. We encourage you to VOTE FOR HELEN!!