Pomegranate Books: Persephone’s bookstore of choice


The Pomegranate Books storefront. Courtesy of Pomegranate Books.

Jonathan Montague, Contributing Writer

In the modern world, print is slowing giving way to the digital age. Sometimes it seems like everything imaginable is becoming a part of “the Cloud,” and yet, there are still things to value about tangible print media and more specifically, books. Luckily, for the more traditional readers, Pomegranate Books — a charming indie bookstore off of South Kerr Ave. — has managed to keep their doors open through thick and thin. Named for the Greek myth of Persephone, this charming business has managed to become a well-valued landmark of the Wilmington area.

Standing at the end of South Kerr Avenue’s long series of small business, this quaint little shop was converted from a small house by owner Kathleen Jewell nearly thirteen years ago. Noticing the slow decline and eventual closure of Bristol Books, she wanted to create a more specialized bookstore that she felt she would shop in.

“It was something that I had been wanting to do,” Jewell remarked, “and you get to the point in life where you continue to say ‘Someday…’ or you can do it.”

And she is doing it. Despite the growing popularity of electronic material, Pomegranate continues to stay open to the Wilmington public. When asked why she thought this was, Jewell replied “Nobody loves that old eBook smell…. A book is an authentic experience.” She firmly believes that books are more than just entertainment or sources of information and that sharing real-life copies of something is more special.

In addition to offering a “well-curated selection of books,” visitors can spend some time with their new book in Zola Coffee and Tea, which occupies the other half of the space. They offer a wide assortment of beverages that will pair deliciously with whatever you buy.

Pomegranate Books hosts a number of events every month — on the campuses of UNC Wilmington and Cape Fear Community College, in its own space and elsewhere in the community — including readings from local authors and book club meetings, as well as more specialized events. All upcoming programs can be found on their website and their Facebook page. If you have a love of literature, go out and support this one of Wilmington’s more homey hangouts.