UNCW women’s sports hosts ‘National Girls and Women in Sports Day’ event


Noah Powers/The Seahawk

UNCW women’s sports teams and young female athletes gathered for a group picture at Friday’s National Girls and Women in Sports Day event.

Austin Chandler, Contributing Writer

Each of UNC Wilmington’s women’s sports teams welcomed first through eighth grade girls to Hanover Hall on Friday to celebrate National Girls and Women in Sports Day. 

Meant to acknowledge the achievements of female athletes, National Girls and Women in Sports Day celebrates the participation of women in sports and honors the progress and struggle for equality in women’s sports.  

Friday’s event celebrated the UNCW women’s sport teams and gave young girls the opportunity to meet and interact with athletes and coaches from various teams including women’s golf, volleyball, tennis, soccer, basketball and softball.  

The gym was divided up into stations with each team having its own area for activities. The golf team led the girls in putting challenges, while soccer and basketball ran dribbling races.  

UNCW volleyball challenged the young athletes to see how long they could keep the ball in the air, whereas tennis players put on tests of strength and let attendees see how hard they could hit the ball into the wall.  

The final station was for softball where the players gave the kids tips on their pitching technique.   

Women’s golf coach Cindy Ho grew up idolizing her gym teachers and coaches. Her goal with this event was to encourage young girls to take up golf and other sports, while also introducing them to some prospective role models.  

“My college coach was my mentor. I think being a part of this and showing the kids the opportunities that are there for girls these days is really important,” she said.  

Acting as role models on Friday, UNCW’s female student-athletes were reminded that they serve as an example for future generations of athletes with how they carry themselves on and off the court.  

Parents were spread around the outskirts of the gym looking in on the activities. Ronalda Scott, who attended UNCW, was able to see her two daughters, Sophie, 8, and Sydney, 7, race up and down a gym with athletes from her alma mater.  

“It means a lot, especially because I went here,” Scott said. “It’s nice for them to come here, and they enjoy it, they like seeing the players. Having that support is really nice.”