ACE to present 10th annual shadowcast of “Moulin Rouge!”


Kyle Kissinger, Assistant Lifestyles Editor

On Friday, Feb. 16, the Association for Campus Entertainment (ACE) is to put on their annual partial shadowcast of “Moulin Rouge!” in Lumina Theater. This year is a special year, as 2018 marks the tenth consecutive year that the partial shadowcast has been performed on campus.

For the uninitiated, a shadowcast is when cinema and live theater are combined in order to create a unique interactive experience. Shadowcasting became popularized by “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” in which a cast acts, dances and sings along to the entire film in front of a screen.

“Moulin Rouge” is not the only shadowcast ACE has hosted in Lumina Theater. Last fall, ACE successfully put on a sold-out show for their twelfth annual shadowcast of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” In October, The Seahawk interviewed the chairs of the “Rocky Horror” cast before the show took place.

“One of our biggest highlights of the 2017 ‘Rocky Horror’ shadowcast was seeing guests, all decked out in costumes, in a line that wrapped all throughout the Fisher Student Center,” said ACE Films co-chair Maggie Auzenne.

From 2015-2017, ACE had also adapted the film “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” into a partial shadowcast, but it was discontinued this year.

“Since ‘Moulin Rouge!’ is a partial shadowcast, we do not act out the entire movie like we do for our ‘Rocky Horror’ shadowcast,” said sophomore Rachel Barber, one of the chairs for Moulin Rouge’s shadowcast. “We don’t use callouts, but we choreograph scenes around the entire theater in order to engage with the audience.”

Planning and casting for the shadowcast began in December, while rehearsals began to take place during the month of January and early February.

The first fifty people in line for the shadowcast will be given prop bags, containing items audience members are to use during the show to enhance the experience. “There are props like ring pops, tissues, fake money — each to be used for a corresponding to a scene in the movie,” said Barber.

Students are highly encouraged to dress up in costume for the event, as there will be a costume contest and an impression contest prior to the show, with chances for prizes.

“Our goal is to provide not only our audience, but our cast members with an experience that they will never forget,” said Barber. “I am excited for day of show as our cast has been working so hard. I can’t wait to share their talent with the rest of campus.”

More information about ACE’s Moulin Rouge Shadowcast can be found here.

Date: February 16, 8-11 PM

Location: Lumina Theater

Price: Free for Everyone