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UNCW freshmen face a strange first semester

UNCW columns between Leutze and Morton Hall.

Veronica Wernicke, Opinion Editor

August 4, 2020

As many schools and universities around the country are gearing up for their return to classes this Aug, there are many concerns about the adjustment in learning amid the dangers of the coronavirus (COVID-19).  For students already enrolled at UNC Wilmington (UNCW) there are many lurking questions and...

Longboarding 101—Don’t run people over

A bike rack outside Randall Library

Cierra Noffke, Staff Writer

November 22, 2019

Biking or longboarding is a popular alternative to walking. And why shouldn’t it be? UNC Wilmington is a vast and beautiful campus. But our campus is growing and, with it, congestion. It is becoming hazardous to walk without paying attention to incoming skateboarders or bikers. It is possible...

New safety app spreads among students

Homepage of Wildfire app, where you can register your number to receive updates and download the app.

Kassie Bild, Contributing Writer

October 17, 2019

Editor's Note: This article was originally published on October 17th and has since been edited for content accuracy. The Wildfire app is in no way affiliated with the UNCW Police Department as stated in an earlier version. A new app for portable and personalized news is available for UNC Wilmington students...

UNCW Police participates in active-shooter exercise

Front of Bear Hall, where part of the active-shooter exercise took place.

Caitlyn Dark, News Editor

August 21, 2019

A week before the fall semester started, the UNC Wilmington Police Department conducted an active-shooter exercise on campus on Tuesday, August 13. University Police worked with over 20 agencies including local law enforcement and medical professionals as well as individual student and faculty volunteers....

Advice for incoming freshmen

Sean W. Cooper, Staff Writer

August 17, 2017

A year ago, I was exactly where you are standing right now: a UNCW freshman eager to give my college career a great start.  I confess that there were times where I felt like I was too good to be at a school that only residents of North Carolina have heard of, but a year later, I’ve come to realize...

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