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REVIEW: “Chemical Hearts,” mediocre teen angst

Lily Reinhart and Austin Abrams in
August 29, 2020
Pulled out of the overdone genre of 2000s teenage angst flicks, the only new things “Chemical Hearts” does for audiences today was to recruit experienced teenage players Lili Reinhart from “Riverdale” and Austin Abrams from “Euphoria.”   What follows is a mediocre love story of two teenagers somehow fully aware of how confusingly misguided their actions are but still doing them anyway.  

REVIEW: ‘Good Boys’—this summer success will take you back to middle school

Keith L. Williams, at left, Jacob Tremblay and Brady Noon in
September 6, 2019

“Good Boys” is a perfect image of the transition between childhood and teenage years. It has this odd sort of nostalgia that is represented by an awkward, clunky sense of juvenile humor that never...

REVIEW: ‘How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World’

March 17, 2019

It is amazing how many franchises seem to be reaching climactic endings this year. The Marvel Cinematic Universe will end their big story arc with “Avengers: Endgame” next month. “Game of Thrones”...

REVIEW: ‘Alita: Battle Angel’

March 17, 2019

For decades anime has been an integral piece of American pop culture, from Studio Ghibli to Saturday morning cartoons. The influence it has had is deep and far-reaching. Almost every anime fan dreams of...

REVIEW: ‘Captain Marvel’

March 17, 2019

Audiences have been clamoring for years to see a major blockbuster female-led superhero movie. DC won that race in 2017 with the release of “Wonder Woman,” which lived up to all of the hype surrounding...

REVIEW: ‘The Umbrella Academy’

March 1, 2019
I believe what I immediately said was ‘Good Grief. No.’ Not another do-good superhero show. Not another show trying too hard to be ironic and dark that I would have to suffer through. However, after episode one, I realized that this dark, twisted version of those genres was exactly what Netflix and I needed.

REVIEW: ‘The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part’

February 25, 2019
I cannot believe this movie is bombing at the box office. Can someone please explain this to me? "The Lego Movie" was one of the biggest movies to hit 2014, with some people even angry that it was not nominated for Best Animated Film. Now, after some a couple spin-offs to hold us together, they have finally released the direct sequel, the literal "Second Part!" And if you ask me, it is just as good as the first one.

REVIEW: ‘Serenity’

February 25, 2019
I cannot stress how much you need to see "Serenity." Steven Knight is either an evil genius, a complete lunatic or some amalgamation of the two. It is easily the next big “so bad it’s good” film, and I hope/cannot wait for it to officially gain that cult status.

REVIEW: ‘The Kid Who Would Be King’

February 18, 2019
We have no really shortage of movies for the whole family to see. “A Dog’s Way Home” is out and “How to Train Your Dragon 3” comes out in a few weeks. If those are no interest to you, I instead encourage you to give “The Kid Who Would Be King” a chance because it is honestly better than it has any right to be!

REVIEW: “Aquaman”

December 27, 2018
DC Entertainment does not yet have a favorable track record when it comes to their film adaptations. Maybe now that fear can be put to rest, thanks to their newest blockbuster to end 2018, Aquaman.

REVIEW: “Bumblebee”

December 27, 2018
The Transformers franchise, so far helmed by infamous blockbuster director Michael Bay, has been managed to be one of the most financially successful film series of all time, despite well-deserved critical lambasting of nearly every installment. Does Bumblebee deserve the buzz around it or is it a stinging experience for all involved?

REVIEW: “Instant Family”

December 22, 2018
Christmas is meant to be a time where families of all kind, biological and blended, come together in the spirit of love and giving. That’s why I think its great to have a film or two in theatres during the season that upholds the values of unconditional love. This year’s offering is "Instant Family," the latest offering from writer-director Sean Anders.
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