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Cucalorus Film Review: ‘Dramarama’ is a sweet coming-of-age tale

Cucalorus Film Review: 'Dramarama' is a sweet coming-of-age tale
November 25, 2020

Films concerning the relationships and struggles of modern American high schoolers are a dime a dozen—but very few high school movies attempt to display the nuances and three-dimensional traits of their...

REVIEW: Hulu’s latest horror-thriller ‘Run’ takes a new approach to mother-daughter relationships

REVIEW: Hulu's latest horror-thriller 'Run' takes a new approach to mother-daughter relationships
November 22, 2020

In recent years, it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to say that the 2010s have had an abundance of thrillers that began leaning into the realm of predictability and lack of innovation. However, when filmmaker...

The Cucalorus Film Festival shows “Freeland” at UNCW’s Curbside Cinema

The character Devi in a still from
November 21, 2020

Earlier this year, the reputable SXSW Film Festival of Austin, Texas was thrown into a whirlwind of inconvenience spurred by the emergence of the COVID-19 virus in the U.S. With the original plans for...

Cucalorus Film Review: “Drought” at the drive-in

Cucalorus Film Review:
November 17, 2020
“Drought,” a movie defined by its charm, meaningful creative vision and compelling narrative of sibling love both pleasantly surprised me and gave me warm feelings towards a home I have always taken for granted. While the acting in the movie leaves something to be desired, its characters are charming and relatable.

Cucalorus Film Review: “Beast Beast”

Cucalorus Film Review:
November 16, 2020

The Cucalorus Film Festival is now in full swing, as selections have begun to premiere both in-person at Curbside Cinema and online through streaming and live showings. “Beast Beast” is one of...

REVIEW: ‘The Trial of the Chicago 7’ is a timely success

REVIEW: ‘The Trial of the Chicago 7’ is a timely success
October 28, 2020
The "Trial of the Chicago 7" is worth your time. It is likely that it’s the one film to be released all year that’s the most relevant to America’s current condition. It is a nuanced, impartial, and truthful telling of one of America’s most important legal cases—with great performances and strong execution to boot.

REVIEW: ‘Antebellum’ is a means for Hollywood to profit off racial commentary

Janelle Monae in
October 17, 2020
'Antebellum' has good intentions, boldly proclaiming the fact that racism still exists in today’s America, but the film ultimately suffers from languid pacing, clunky writing, and poor direction.

REVIEW: “Chemical Hearts,” mediocre teen angst

Lily Reinhart and Austin Abrams in
August 29, 2020
Pulled out of the overdone genre of 2000s teenage angst flicks, the only new things “Chemical Hearts” does for audiences today was to recruit experienced teenage players Lili Reinhart from “Riverdale” and Austin Abrams from “Euphoria.”   What follows is a mediocre love story of two teenagers somehow fully aware of how confusingly misguided their actions are but still doing them anyway.  

REVIEW: ‘The Old Guard’ is the Right Film for the Right Time

Charlize Theron in “The Old Guard.”
July 20, 2020

As the number of the coronavirus cases increase in America, films seeking to release theatrically are forced to watch their release dates tumble further and further back in the calendar year. As...

Richard Jewell’s story reemerges with Clint Eastwood’s new film

Claire Folger/Warner Bros. Pictures
January 8, 2020

During the 1996 Summer Olympics, Richard Jewell was employed as an AT&T security guard at Centennial Olympic Park. On July 26, 1996, Jewell discovered a bomb in the park near a crowd of people watching...

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