The Seahawk

Photo by Mert Guller (Unsplash).

Easy ways to be sustainable

September 11, 2019

Rising Seas, Rising Ignorance

Tyler Newman, Contributing Writer

September 11, 2017

At its widest point, the town of Duck is only 3,700 feet wide. That’s right, less than a mile. For many of those living on the ribbon-like Outer Banks of North Carolina, things are business as usual. The tourist season comes...

Don’t ignore experts’ research

From Gillian Zaharians Miller, Originally published in the Quad-City Times

November 9, 2009

Climate science is enormously complex, and irresponsible commentators like Patrick Buchanan (Oct. 17 Times column) hopelessly muddle the facts. Here are three red-flag arguments used by those who grossly misunderstand global w...

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