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Events Calendar: November 15-22

Events Calendar: November 15-22

Kiley Woods, Staff Writer November 15, 2021
Looking for something to do this week? The Seahawk has rounded up events at UNCW and in the Wilmington community so you can start making plans.
A still from Theirs Is the Kingdom (2021).

REVIEW: Cucalorus documentary ‘Theirs is the Kingdom’ paints an Asheville community in divine image

Brenna Flanagan, Editor-in-Chief November 14, 2021
In justifying the mural, the film and its subjects examine who gets to benefit from art and who gets to be represented in art. It questions the often-elitist notion of art as luxury and instead suggests that art is crucial for misunderstood or underrepresented communities. It is necessary that they feel seen, and in a world that often chooses to look away from those standing on street corners, art can represent people as humans worthy of being admired. The audience takes home a much deeper lesson on the intersection between art, religion and humanity.
A still from “The Oxy Kingpins” (2021).

REVIEW: ‘The Oxy Kingpins’ mainlines a shot of reality to Cucalorus 2021

Niko Giammanco, Contributing Writer November 13, 2021
Like a “sit-down” between Big Pharma and “The Godfather,” “The Oxy Kingpins,” a documentary directed by Brendan Fitzgerald (also known for Gaycation) and Nick August-Perna (also known for The Swell Season), delivers an in-your-face take on the hypocrisy of capitalism and its ability to skirt justice for the sake of money, causing the intentional pain of millions of addicted Americans, with no hint of remorse insight.
Katie Boland in “We’re All in This Together” (2021).

REVIEW: ‘We’re All In This Together’ is a remarkable dysfunctional family film

Stephen Lambros, Contributing Writer November 13, 2021
“We’re All In This Together” signals a promising future for star and filmmaker Boland. With this captivating film, Boland can surely harness her vision for characters and story to move forward in the industry as an actress and a director. All in all, “We’re All In This Together” tells a chaotic, humorous, and earnest tale of the mending of familial bonds and the unyielding devotion coming along beside it.
A still from “Wuhan Wuhan” (2021).

REVIEW: ‘Wuhan Wuhan’ explores a new perspective of the COVID-19 pandemic

Stephen Lambros, Contributing Writer November 13, 2021
All in all, “Wuhan Wuhan” is a heartfelt and deeply human time capsule that deserves to be seen by many people. The film effectively shows that while the coronavirus affected people on a global scale, the human race is more than capable of overcoming it.
Davis Wood acts out a scene in The Christians production.

REVIEW: UNCW’s ‘The Christians’ is a modern debate of morality and religion

Kiley Woods, Staff Writer November 13, 2021
Morality, life, death and hell are in balance in the UNCW Theatre Department's production of “The Christians.” The writer, Lucas Hnath, has shaped each character to have their own questions about religion and their own set of religious beliefs that drives their character’s moral values.
Alex Liu in “A Sexplanation” (2021).

REVIEW: Cucalorus kicks off with enticing curiosity in ‘A Sexplanation’

Boyce Rucker, Intern November 12, 2021
Sexuality is one of the largest taboos across America. It’s a catalyst for the youth’s curiosity and a component for countless ongoing debates, such as birth control and advertising. Furthermore, a more personable issue lies in society’s suppression and weaponization of sex and sexuality. Filmmaker Alex Liu’s feature-length documentary “A Sexplanation” explores the flaws in America’s sex education and offers subjective, yet convincing, thoughts on sexual behavior. 
Davis Wood as Pastor Paul acts out a scene with Addison Hamlet, playing Pauls wife, Elizabeth.

UNCW Theatre Department presents ‘The Christians’

Kiley Woods, Staff Writer November 10, 2021
Twenty years ago, Pastor Paul’s church was just a church in the center of a small town. Now it is a place of love and for thought with thousands of people following in their pastors' footsteps, unsure of his next words or where his sermons will take them. Backed by a gospel choir, “The Christians” is both epic and unexpectedly intimate, an unflinching look at faith in America—and its power to unite or divide. The story highlights small-town living, as well as serious and at times complicated relationships.
Cucalorus is hosting their 27th annual film festival.

27th Cucalorus Festival kicks off in downtown Wilmington

Grace Hall, Contributing Writer November 8, 2021
Though this festival is a continuation of an annual tradition, it never fails to introduce some of the up-and-coming names in the film and music industry, bringing light to topics needing representation in media. Whether you are a film geek, a fan of good music, or simply a festival-goer interested in modern media, Cuculorus welcomes all.
Michael C. Hall in “Dexter” (2006) season eight, episode one.

REVIEW: Serial killer Dexter Morgan makes a bold and bloody return in ‘Dexter: New Blood’

Boyce Rucker, Intern November 8, 2021
“Dexter: New Blood” delivers a stunning reintroduction to Dexter Morgan that’s promising to old fans and accessible to new ones. Showtime’s revival series shows promise in being a nostalgic trip that lives up to its predecessor.
Events Calendar: November 9-13

Events Calendar: November 9-13

Kiley Woods, Staff Writer November 8, 2021
Looking for something to do this week? The Seahawk has rounded up events at UNCW and in the Wilmington community so you can start making plans.
Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana in “Spencer” (2021).

REVIEW: ‘Spencer’ is a more striking artistic fable than a Princess Diana biopic

Abigail Celoria, Contributing Writer November 7, 2021
“Spencer” is not quite narrative in the traditional sense. Sequences without consequence to the plot make up the majority of its end, opting instead to swath the Princess in a fantastic, symbolic air. While this is not necessarily something to dislike, it does not fit as neatly into the genre as some viewers may have expected. This film is likely to be polarizing amongst both general audiences and fans of Diana, who go in anticipating a biopic but come out with an entirely different experience.
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