‘The Seahawk’ chats with the Seahawk

Ben Wimmer

The mascot of a school is the backbone of school spirit. With “Midnite Madness” just around the corner, basketball season just months away, and Chancellor DePaolo’s “Paint the Town Teal” campaign taking place, UNCW’s mascot is a very busy bird. As busy as your mascot may be, he sat down to answer a few questions for the other Seahawk.

Q: What does it mean to be a team’s mascot?

A: You are the person that gets the crowd going, running around up and down the court getting the crowd riled up. It’s a good feeling.

Q: How would you rate UNCW’s school spirit?

A: As far as basketball goes, it’s pretty good.

Q: Describe a busy day at work for you.

A: You just come in grab a uniform, jump in it and shake hands, do photo ops, hand out T-shirts and just get out on the court and get everybody going.

Q: What’s the most exciting event you have been a part of at UNCW?

A: The first men’s basketball game I ever did. It’s kind of a personal story for me, I was pumped up, I ran out on the court, and did two cartwheels, I almost lost my head but I saved it just in time (laughs) but it definitely got a reaction from the crowd.

Q: Were you around for some of the games with Brett Blizzard?

A: Yeah, there was definitely more school spirit at basketball games then.

Q: Will you be involved in Midnite Madness this year?

A: Yeah, it’s decided on the basis of who’s been there longest, the second string mascot goes to smaller events and does women’s games, the first string gets men’s games and gets to do Midnite Madness, it’s based on seniority.

Q: The school has been given permission to vote on an official nickname for you, how do you feel about it?

A: It’s up to the student body, and I think it’s well worth the vote. Hopefully it will instill more school spirit. Plus, people are always calling me seagull or sea bird (laughs).

Q: Are you aware of any of your other current nicknames?

A: Sammy, Seahawk, Sammy Seabird, multiple different bird names. People come up and tell their kids ‘go see the sea bird’.

Q: Do chicks dig Seahawks?

A: Chicks definitely dig the Seahawk (laughs); they always want to know who that is under the mask.