You think you know what rocks You have no idea. This is what rocks:

The Seahawk Staff

1. Elliot Smith: “From a Basement on a Hill”2. Jawbreaker: “Dear You”3. Pearl Jam: “Yield”4. Beloved: “Failure On”5. Guster: “Parachute”6. The Garden State Soundtrack7. Between the Buried and Me: “The Silent Circus”8. Cursive: “The Ugly Organ”9. Small Brown Bike: “Dead Reckoning”10. 311: “From Chaos”11. The Rose Buds:”The Rose Buds Make Out”

This column is compiled by your editorial staff and meant to remind you of classics and introduce albums out of the mainstream. We welcome suggestions and promise to consider them (if only in passing). Send them along to: [email protected]