Help UNCW officially name the school mascot, the Seahawk

Ben Wimmer

The University of North Carolina at Wilmington will be holding a contest for students to pick an official name for the school mascot, the Seahawk. The student who comes up with the winning name will receive a gift certificate to the campus bookstore for $150. The contest will consist of two rounds. In the first round, students will think up creative names for the Seahawk and enter them by replying to an e-mail sent to all students’ UNCW e-mail accounts. Entries must be received by Monday October 25th, 2004. A committee made up of representatives of the five branches sponsoring the event will pick the top ten entries. These will be announced in an upcoming edition of the Seahawk and sent out to students via e-mail.

In round two of the contest, students will vote on the top ten names selected by the committee. These votes will also be entered by replying to the second e-mail sent to all students. The entries must be received by Monday November 8th, 2004. The winning name will be announced in the November 18th edition of the Seahawk along with the winning student’s name. In the case of a tie there will be a drawing to determine which student wins the $150 gift certificate. The five campus departments sponsoring the event include University Relations, Athletics, SGA, the Campus Bookstore, and Student Media.