Search for an official Seahawk title continues…

Ben Wimmer

The top picks for UNCW’s “Name That Mascot” contest are in. In round one of the contest, the student body was sent an e-mail to their school account that they could respond to with creative ideas for The Seahawk’s official nickname.

This contest generated an enormous amount of response from students. Early last week a committee made up of representatives from Athletics, the Campus Bookstore, Student Media, and University Relations scanned through all of the entries and picked the top eleven names.

The results are as follows: “Breezer,” “Caesar the Seahawk,” “Goldie,” “Hawkeye,” “Ozzie or Ossey,” “Sammy C. Hawk,” “Seamore,” “Seamore Ewin Seahawk” (see more UNC Hawk), “Slammin’ Sammy the Seahawk,” and “Spirit.”

In round two of the contest, students will receive another e-mail that they can respond to and cast their vote for the best of the eleven nicknames. Students can expect to receive the e-mail within the next week. The student that entered the winning name in round one will win a $150 gift certificate to the campus bookstore and their picture in The Seahawk. If multiple students entered the same name, there will be a drawing to determine the winner.