The mascot gets a name!

Ben Wimmer

The UNCW mascot naming contest has an official winner. “Sammy C. Hawk” won in a landslide victory out of the eleven names chosen by committee officials. Out of almost 200 entries for a mascot nickname in round one of the contest, UNCW junior Kristin A. Jorgensen submitted the winning name, “Sammy C. Hawk,” and will receive a $150 gift certificate good at the campus bookstore. In addition, the school is currently working on getting the new nickname printed on an official UNCW basketball jersey for the mascot to wear during sporting events and photo shoots. The name “Sammy C. Hawk” received well over 100 votes from students for the mascot’s nickname in round two of the contest. Runners up for best nickname include “Slammin’ Sammy the Seahawk,” “Caesar the Seahawk,” and “Breezer.” The contest was sponsored by the Campus Bookstore, the Seahawk Newspaper, Student Government Association, UNCW Athletics and University Relations.