UNCW plans improvements for campus

Ben Wimmer

Chancellor DePaolo has appointed a UNCW Master Plan Update Advisory Committee to begin planning new projects to improve the campus at UNC-Wilmington. The committee is working with the planning firm of Wallace, Roberts and Todd, LLC (WRT) to develop the Campus Master Plan Update. The update is aiming to improve on-campus facilities by making them more efficient and to improve the overall physical appearance of the campus.

In an interview with Dr. Ken Spackman, appointed member of the Master Plan Update Advisory Committee and Director of University Planning, he said, “This time the master plan effort is different and much more comprehensive, it’s tied much more to what we’re trying to accomplish academically, including planning and controlling growth to maintain academic quality.”

From Jan.10-13 the UNCW Master Plan Update Advisory Committee and WRT held several town hall meetings open to students, faculty, and staff to gather input and ideas, as well as to inform attendees about the status of the Campus Master Plan.

Key issues outlined at the meetings included athletics and recreation, campus buildings, circulation and parking.

More information on the Campus Master Plan is available at: