Free STD Testing

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Sorry, this is the second copy of this letter. I accidentally sent the first before it was finished:

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As I read your article on STD testing I found myself in a bit of a conflict. On one hand, of course its good that we have the money to test students for STDs, the problem is out there and we need to address it. However, on the other side of my mind lingered this one small thought: Your article stated that our age group contracts 50% of reported STDs. Fifty-percent is a large number. Fifty-percent, half of reported STDs, should constitute a little more action than acquiring the money to give us a test. Is it possible that a lack of funds for testing isn’t quite the problem on a college campus? On this college campus? Earlier in the school year I was sitting with some friends in front of the clock tower, when a couple of girls in a golf cart stopped to talk to us. They asked me if I’d like a condom. I told them no and they drove off to ask other unsuspecting students if they’d like a chance at safe sex. Before that occurence I encountered a flyer put up by a student organization with clever sayings like, “If she’s spunky, wrap your monkey.” The flyer also had a condom attached. It’s an old argument of course: They’re having sex anway. But is it possible that our campus condones, if not promotes, the fact that we are an over-sexed generation? If UNCW was truly concerned for our well-being, perhaps they would look into a campaign that teaches us the value of sex, as opposed to just telling us, “Yes, there are consequences, and we can most likely treat them.”