Keeping Rock ‘N’ Roll alive: Medusa Stone

Lauren Maultsby

Medusa Stone, a local Wilmington band, is keeping rock ‘n’ roll alive.

This three-piece band consists of Justin Fox, 21, guitar and vocals; Jeremy Summers, 32, drums; and Dave Morse, 27, bass. Fox and Summers are cousins, and they started playing together in the band Justin Fox and Catfish Lane in 2001. Morse was in a band called Redwood when he was approached by Fox and Summers’ former manager to be their bass player. In 2003, Morse joined the two, and Medusa Stone was born.

Samantha Weary, 20, a fan from the beginning, said Medusa Stone’s music “is a mix of rock, blues and psychedelic.”

Their music is for anyone who enjoys “guitar-based rock ‘n’ roll,” Fox said.

Medusa Stone’s music is for people of all ages and backgrounds because they play a variety ranging from slow, easy rock to metal, and classic rock from the ’70s.

Most of the music the band plays is original and based on real-life experiences. They also play songs new listeners know, so people can sing along and really get into the music. With a figurine of Jimi Hendrix in the corner of Fox’s room, one can expect to hear a few of his classic songs. The band also plays some Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones.

Not only do they play rock ‘n’ roll, but Medusa Stone rocks out on stage as well. The band wants to keep their audience as entertained as possible, so they don’t just stand on the stage and dance around.

Weary said that when he can, “Justin actually goes out into the audience and plays.” He has been seen playing his guitar on the couch of a downtown club beside one of his fans while resting his head on her shoulder.

Recently at The Whiskey, a Wilmington bar, Medusa Stone was playing a Hendrix song when Fox walked out into the audience, picked up an empty beer bottle, and started playing his guitar with it; he later played with his teeth.

The band loves their regular audience, but Fox said, “We would like to see more young people at our shows.”

The band always likes to have a beer with the audience, so come out to see a great show and listen to live rock ‘n’ roll.

For more information about Medusa Stone, to listen to their music, or to buy their self-titled album or new EP titled “Ghosts,” visit or