Deathly Hallows stuns Harry Potter fans

Juliane Bullard | Staff Writer

Harry Potter is back and in the first of a two-part finale following the unbreakable trio of Ron, Hermione and Harry, the Hogwarts students leave the comforts of their school behind and go on the run to search for the Horcruxes that would, if destroyed, contribute to the end of Lord Voldemort’s terror.

Reactions from critics and fans agree the final installment of the Harry Potter series exceeds expectations with a script that hardly deviates from the book itself. Those who aren’t familiar with “The Boy Who Lived” might find the plot difficult to follow, but overall the action and sequence of events that occur are more than enough to satisfy any movie-buff’s appetite.

“I haven’t read all the books and there were some movies I didn’t see, but it didn’t matter because everyone knows the basic premise of the Harry Potter series—to defeat Lord Voldemort,” said freshman Ryan Braband.  “Once I was told what Horcruxes were and how only if they were destroyed first could Lord Voldemort die, I was able to follow the movie just fine. I’m glad I went to the midnight premiere, it was worth it just to see some of the crazy costumes people wore, and the movie was great too.”

As the anticipation of the Regal Mayfaire Cinema 12:01 a.m. premiere built, many in the theaters let the electric current buzzing through the crowd overcome their senses.  One college student, dressed as death-eater Bellatrix Lestrange, skipped around a crowded theater chanting in an eerie and mystical voice “I killed Sirius Black, I killed Sirius Black.”

Her on-the-ball imitation of the ending of the fifth book was well challenged as a group of UNCW boys paraded the halls of the theater in uncanny costumes of Dolores Umbridge, ministry official and former Defense Against the Dark Arts professor.

For those die-hard fans who dressed up in similar costumes of their respective favorite characters, there was a costume contest for the best one held within the theater, and WECT news was there to cover the hysteria the event was causing in fans of all ages.

“I would definitely say that this was my favorite one of all the Harry Potter movies; it was the most honest portrayal of the books, and the maturity of the actors led to a maturity in their acting,” said freshman Cameron Thaller.  “Everything about it from the scenic landscapes and special effects to the wry humor that was sporadically involved made me love every minute of it.”

The movie began with Lord Voldemort’s rise to power and faithfully executed the search of the seven Horcruxes with vigilance unknown in the previous six movies. Even in the return of the house elf Dobby, the audience was left in fits of laughter as he shouted to former master Bellatrix Lestrange, “Dobby didn’t want to kill Ms. Lestrange, just maim or seriously injure.”