Students complain of odor on campus

Joe Lowe | News Editor

Since October 21st, UNC Wilmington faculty and students are trying to figure out one thing—what’s that smell?  

Over the past two days, a distinct smell around campus has been apparent to UNCW faculty and students alike. Students claim the areas in which it is most distinct is around Randall Library and Morton Hall. According to the Tom Freshwater, Director of Physical Plant, there can be an array of factors contributing to the aroma.

“The odor can be a variety of things, from the pesticides on the intramural fields and athletic fields moving upwind towards the academic buildings to lawn care services early in the morning,” Freshwater said.

UNCW senior Greg Corialos says he’s smelled the odor since the beginning of Tuesday. “The smell hit me in the face the minute I walked out of Randall yesterday morning,” Corialos said. “It made me avoid that whole side of campus.”

However, it shouldn’t be anything to fret about says Freshwater.

“The only thing that would be a problem is the smell of sulfur, sulfur is a byproduct of natural gas and has a very distinct smell,” Freshwater said. “But I don’t believe the odor is anything to particularly worry about.”

If any students continue to notice an odor, the project management team is taking calls at 910-962-3101 for further investigation.