Track teams works toward $250,000 goal

Casey McAnarney | Contributing Writer

Since the February announcement regarding UNC Wilmington’s track teams’ possible return to campus, the SaveUNCWTrack group is working diligently to reach their goal of $250,000.

So far the team raised $87,555 and planned upcoming opportunities for students and members of the community to help. Coach Layne Schwier said that the team hopes raise $250,000 by May 31, and secondly raise a minimum of $800,000 by February 2016 to build a new track.

“If we are able to do the first, we get another year,” Schwier said. “If we are able to do the second, we should be secure moving forward.”

Several local businesses including Papa John’s Pizza, Jeff Gordon Car Dealerships, Wilmington Taco Factory and American Grill and Beach Bagel are donating proceeds on special offers to the track fund. In addition, the track team organized various events to raise money including “$print to $ave UNCW Track” and SaveUNCWTrack 5K fundraisers. These events are scheduled for April 16 and 26 respectively.

“People participating in the race can be fundraisers by following the website or by going to, but be sure to type in save UNCW track,” Roy M Love, Chairman of SaveUNCWTrack said.  “One group has even formed a gofundme site where if they raise a certain amount of money they will run in Speedos and Mullets.”

With all of these endeavors, the track team hopes to achieve their goal in order to cover all the costs of the track team for the 2015-2016 school year. All fundraising donations are tax deductible if donated to the UNCW track fund.

Love encourages students to, “try to think outside the box for creative social media fundraising ideas which could go viral”. Overall, the team remains positive, especially since the school itself has begun to realize the importance of the situation.

“The Vice Chairman for Advancement Eddie Stuart has been a great help to date, however the athletic department has been reticent to help but is slowly realizing it is important to embrace sports’ specific donors as a way to support UNCW sports,” said Von Kinloch, a parent involved with SaveUNCWTrack.

According to Schwier, the track team expects to lose some athletes as transfers to other universities; however, the team is focusing on the present state of things as a family.

Even though I think the cutting of the track team was an impulsive decision that should not have happened without outreach to track supporters to see if they could help support [the team],” Love said. “The challenge has brought out the best in the team working together to save something which is very important in their lives that they want to save for future generations of UNCW students.”