New dining hall plans set in motion

Wagoner Dining Hall, Dubs Café, Landwhich and Hawks Nest will not be the only options for on campus eating next year.

 In the Fall of 2016, UNCW plans to debut a new dining hall in between Graham- Hewlett Hall and Galloway Hall. The Board of Trustees approved a ground lease with Aramark, a food service supplier, for this project. Construction will not begin for several months until it passes a series of approvals.

According to Brian Dailey, Director of Auxiliary Services, “…only the site location has been agreed upon. The actual design and layout along with the appropriate approvals, like from the Board of Trustees.”

Though the new dining hall is set to open in approximately a year and half, many students are excited to see what this new endeavor holds.

“I would totally come over to the freshman dorms to check out the new dining hall a year or so from now,” Hannah Daley said.  “I think it’s awesome that our school is trying to provide more dining options.”

Dailey went on to say it will fit very nicely between Galloway and Graham on the back part of Parking Lot J.  It will be two stories and approximately 5000 square feet on the ground level.  It will touch the open rec area – sand volleyball and existing basketball court. 

“One of the major components and goals for the project was to enhance the current outdoor space,” said Dailey, “…and make it even more attractive and usable.”

There are several reasons behind placing the dining hall in its current location, according to Dailey. Its location near the University Apartments, Galloway Hall and Graham-Hewlett Hall provides easy access to students displaced from food sources otherwise. In addition it’s planned to be placed in an area with easy access to underground utility such as water, sewer and electricity.

“[It] is the most convenient and open (space) for the students living in the Freshmen Quad area and students living in the University Apartments…,” said Dailey. “Most importantly it will be built on the back portion of Parking Lot J and not take away any of the open rec area which currently includes the sand volleyball pit and basketball court.”

However with news about the university not being able to fund certain programs anymore, this begs the question where the money for the project will come from. According to Dailey, the project will be funded by Aramark, the dining services contractor.

“Only the site location has been picked, the exact design and layout has yet to be decided and I assure you that the Residence Hall Association and Student Government Association will be involved with the actual design,” Dailey said.

In addition Board of Trustees, student organizations will have a say in the planning process.

Enisha Hassell, Student Government Association Senator, participated in some of the first meetings between SGA and the project developers.

“I have held a few meetings with Megan Allred (Auxiliary Services Marketing Specialist) and Matt Rogers (from Aramark, who is helping to fund this endeavor) in reference to the Hub center but not much has been discussed,” Hassell said.

The location and means of funding for this new dining hall is all that has been talked about between university officials, however, Dailey reassured that “…once we have some additional drawings and beginning concepts we will be sharing them with students and invite their suggestions and comments.”