Aaron Carter returns to the Port City with new tour

Shannon Robinson | Lifestyles Editor

More than a decade has gone by since Aaron Carter released his last full length album. The singer, known for his hit single “Aaron’s Party (Come Get It),” took some time off from music after some personal trials and losses. The singer filed for bankruptcy in 2013 and now, three years later, Carter is back and ready to take on the music scene once again.

Carter will perform at Ziggy’s by the Sea this Saturday, Jan. 23, with guests Stitchy C, Xan D’Auvray and Be-Ea$y. The Seahawk had the opportunity to sit down with Carter to talk about his show at Ziggy’s and his upcoming album release.

The Seahawk: The last full length album you released was in 2003 and was basically your “greatest hits” album. How does it feel to be back in the studio working on new material? 

Aaron Carter: It feels amazing. I am so proud of my new music. I have spent the last decade working on my craft as a producer and song writer so it feels very fulfilling to achieve this accomplishment.

TS: Is this new material similar to the pop music you put out in the early 2000s or are you leaning towards a different genre? 

AC: No. I love and respect the career I had as a teen, but my new sound is mature and blends a few genres: pop, urban and dance.  

TS: I know some fans are really anticipating this new music. When can they expect the new album release?

AC: We are working on making an announcement by the spring.

TS: Has it been hard getting back into music since you’ve been gone for so long? 

AC: The music industry respects talent and hits. It’s a business, no free rides here.

TS: What can fans expect to hear on this tour? Will there be any throwbacks to “Aaron’s Party” or other old favorites?

AC: They can expect to hear my new music. It’s possible, but I’m focused on my new sound.  

TS: I can imagine growing up in the spotlight like you did really affects someone. What was it like to grow up with everyone constantly watching your every move?

AC: I was young so I got used to it pretty quickly.  

TS: What does making music mean to you? Why is it important that you go back out on tour and let people know that you’re still here and making music? 

AC: Everything. It’s the best way to express moments in your life or emotions. I love to put on a great show for my fans.

TS: If there was one thing you could say to all of your fans who are still with you after all these years, or even to the new ones, what would it be? 

AC: Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am humbled.

TS: I watched DWTS this past season and saw the announcement, congrats on becoming an uncle! What are you most looking forward to as an uncle? 

AC: Everything. Really everything.

Tickets for Saturday’s show can be purchased online or at the venue on the day of the show. A meet-and-greet will be held before the show at Lighthouse Student Apartments. Tickets for the meet and greet can also be purchased online.