Find Your One True Sandwich at Landwich

Chantai Thomas | Contributing Writer

Landwich is somewhat of a hidden treasure on the UNC Wilmington campus. First opened in 2011, it isn’t an obvious dining option like Wag or Hawk’s Nest—in fact, it’s downright plain from the outside. Tucked in a corner of the Seahawk Landing’s Building 5, the shop is small and unassuming. It might easily be overlooked by the uninitiated and the unaware in favor of one of Campus Dining’s more distinguishable locations.

However, the sandwiches, wraps, and salads made inside this beach-themed locale are anything but ordinary, and have helped Landwich gain a devoted customer base among UNCW students. Having undergone a small interior makeover in 2014, and partnering with Tapingo—an app that allows students to order food from their phones—earlier this year, this oceanic eatery is more under the spotlight than ever before.

“It was my freshman year,” said junior film student Hannah Hearn, recalling her first visit to Landwich. “I remember thinking, ‘oh, this is a cool little sandwich place. I’m probably just gonna get a normal turkey sandwich.’ I never expected anything crazy good.” However, she found herself proved wrong after discovering the Marco Polo Panini, which she describes as “the best thing to eat on campus.”

Now, Hearn is a regular customer. “Of course, now I eat there all the time,” she said. “The people who work there know my order before I even say anything. It’s pretty awesome.” Hearn recommends the Panini, which is, along with the Cannonball and the Peanut Butterfly and Jelly, a favorite among visitors.

Landwich’s menu is clearly targeted toward its college student demographic—it is both contemporary and comfortable, fitting for a school by the beach. The lineup features 10 signature sandwiches with names like the Backflip and the California Bikini, and three salad options, such as the Go Greek. Out of the 13 on-menu options, five are meatless. Additionally, the menu sports a “build your own Landwich” option, presenting a variety of meats, cheeses, breads, veggies, and spreads to mix and match for those looking to explore new waters. Sandwiches can be toasted, which comes highly suggested for sandwiches with cheese.

While the little blue sandwich shop is popular, it isn’t perfect. One common complaint Landwich patrons have about the eatery has to do with the speed of service. “It can be a little slow,” said senior biology student Kelly Johnson, who is also an advocate for the Marco Polo Panini. A visit to Landwich at the wrong time of day might leave you waiting more than twenty minutes for your meal, up from an average wait time of about 10 minutes, by her estimate. “It’s definitely not an easy ‘grab a quick sandwich’ deal,” Johnson said.

During rushes, another problem can crop up for the unlucky. “Mix-ups can be bad when there’s a lot of people,” said Hearn. “I’ve gotten someone else’s food a few times.” Also, according to Johnson, the sandwiches made during rushes tend to be messier due to the higher volume of customers and the need to fill orders quicker.

To combat this issue of slow or messy service, Lindsay Payne, a senior film studies and theater tech student and Chicken Fight enthusiast, recommends avoiding Landwich during peak traffic times.

“I’ve eaten a lot of Landwich in my time,” Payne said, “and I’ve seen some long lines. It’s best to go before 11:00 a.m. or after 2:00 p.m. if you want to steer clear of the rush.” Hearn also suggests ordering food ahead of time through Tapingo to cut time spent in-store.

With or without its flaws, Johnson sums up Landwich the best. “Overall, it’s awesome,” she said. This branch of Campus Dining has seen great popularity among students in the past, and the outlook remains positive moving forward.  For any Seahawk looking to eat something tasty, unique, and fresh, a sandwich from Landwich will certainly do the trick.

All of Landwich’s sandwiches are made-to-order with fresh ingredients prepared daily, and meals come with an optional pickle spear, a drink, and a choice of fresh fruit or chips. Seating is available inside Landwich and in the courtyard directly outside. Orders can be placed both in-store or through Tapingo for pickup.

Landwich is located in Building 5 of the Seahawk Landing, and operates Monday through Sunday, 10:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Landwich accepts Teal Meal swipes, food dollars, cash, credit, and debit.