Clown scare hits UNCW

Tweets regarding the clown sighting began popping up over Twitter once word of the incident spread.

Casey McAnarney, Editor in Chief

An unknown individual called into the university police on the evening of Sept. 18 about a clown sighting on campus, but these accusations have now been found to be false.

This allegation was made after the media hype over clown sightings throughout the country, starting in California where actual clowns were reported to be luring children into wooded areas with sweets according to an ABC News report.

“There was only one incident that occurred last night that spread around.” Chris Bertram, the UNC Wilmington Assistant Chief of Police said.

Once the source of the information was identified and it was determined to be false, Bertram ensured, an email was sent out.

However, this did not stop students from spreading the rumor around. Bertram said that the information was spread through texts, but soon after that, students on social media began talking about the faux clown sighting on campus.

Students expressed their concern over social media platforms like Twitter once the rumor spread to a larger amount of the UNCW student body, inciting even more concern across the campus.

“Initially when I heard there was a clown on campus, I felt slightly worried because I was in Randall [Library] and had to walk back to the Landing by myself,” said UNCW junior and theater major, Meagan Bellamy.

After finding out it was a hoax, though, Bellamy felt almost angry at the individual who started the rumor.

This was a serious issue in some communities and to create a small state of panic and fear was inconsiderate, according to Bellamy.