UNCW’s ‘Like No Other’ campaign surpasses goal of $100 million

Amelia Lindsey, News Editor

In 2015, UNCW launched the “Like No Other” campaign intending to expand key elements that make the university unique for its students. With over 32,000 donors since the launch of the campaign, the school has reached its goal of $100 million, resulting in the most successful campaign in UNCW history. The promise to expand and enrich the programs does not stop there; UNCW will now be stretching the amount of the original campaign, with a new goal of $125 million.

The university asked alumni, faculty and staff what made the school unique to them and how they can make UNCW a campus for everyone to achieve greatness. After listening to feedback, UNCW began working on gaining donations to expand programs and facilities for faculty and students.

The campaign aims to provide support for students, faculty, programs and facilities on campus, while also creating opportunities for student scholarships to further their education while at the university. According to the campaign website, donors that have partnered with UNCW will also work to address issues relating to healthcare, coastal resiliency and educational opportunities on a global level.

The “Like No Other” campaign at UNCW recently surpasses its goal of $100 million and raised the coal to $125 million. (UNCW)

Students are now responding to the initiative set forth by the university and what it means to be at a school that cares about the success of its students and opportunities for its faculty. Many students feel pride in their university and are now seeing the pride the university has in them.

Taylor Bissette, a psychology major at UNCW, expressed appreciation when hearing about the campaign and what made him want to become a Seahawk. Bissette conveyed that there is a sense of belonging and community in the music scene at UNCW and around Wilmington that solidified his choice to come to the university.

“It makes me feel appreciated,” said Bissette. “Something was telling me to come [to UNCW] and that I would be happy here. There’s no place I would rather be.”

One program that thrives at the university is the travel abroad program. UNCW offers more than 1,000 education abroad programs in over 50 countries to fit the learning objectives of a large majority of students. One goal of the study abroad program is to produce well-rounded, cultured students after college.

Through the “Like No Other” campaign, Brian Alvarez, a student studying computer science, received a scholarship and used it to travel Europe. Originally enrolled in the ‘2+2’ program partnered with NC State University for engineering majors, Alvarez decided to stay at UNCW rather than go to another school because of his appreciation and respect for the faculty.

“The scholarship meant a lot to me, it really did,” said Alvarez. “In high school, I worked hard to keep my grades really high. It made me realize hard work pays off.”

According to students around campus, travel abroad opportunities and communities within Wilmington like this are what make UNCW incomparable to other schools. The “Like No Other” campaign is a promise of success to current classes and future generations of students and faculty.