Figure out where you stand on the 2016 candidates with

Elizabeth Heglar | Lifestyles Editor | @ElizabethHeglar

2016 has been a year filled with political advertisements and speeches: it’s an election year. Many abled voters are on the fence about each parties candidate and are struggling to decide whom to vote for. Lucky for them, the website exists. is a website dedicated to helping voters figure out which candidates views are most in line with their own. Voters can take polls on specified issues or a large quiz that spans over most political topics.

The website was created in March 2012 by two friends who had very different political views. Founders Taylor Peck and Nick Boutelier maintain that they are constantly working to build and find new ways to boost voter engagement. The founders of the site plan to continue using updated data, information, and breaking technologies to improve their site.

Taylor Peck is a tech marketing consultant and political analyst. It was his lifelong interest in politics that gave him the idea to start this website, as he was constantly searching for a way to engage more voters.

According to the website Peck “manages the data, research, and marketing aspects” of

Nick Boutelier manages the technology, user experience, data, and analytics for the site. While searching for an easier way to stay updated on issues and candidates, he came up with the idea for A self proclaimed “lifelong undecided voter,” Boutelier helped create the site to help people much like himself learn about the candidates in an unbiased manner.

While the site itself does not affiliate with any investors, shareholders, political parties, or interest groups, it does work to inform voters on all fronts. Rather than only including the republican and democratic candidates, also works to include third party candidates as well.

The sites quiz is unique because users can take a simplified version with only one or two questions on each issue, or choose to press the “answer more” bar at the end of each section to answer more questions and get a fuller idea of which candidate you most align with on certain topics. This allows users to spend as much or as little time on a particular topic as they’d like.

The quiz also features a ranking tool to the left of each question that allows users to rank the importance of each question, giving more data to the site and allowing for a more accurate idea of what candidate would best align with that users views.

Categories such as social, environmental, economic, and domestic policy issues are just the beginning of this extensive quizzes topic coverage.

“I liked that the quiz gave me the options to answer as many or as little questions as I wanted on each topic as I saw fit,” said UNC Wilmington junior Molly Prosser. For many users, this feature is a plus.

Each question gives “yes,” “no,” and “other stances” options. By clicking “other stances” more options will pop up allowing users to choose from more specified answers as well as giving the chance to add in their own stance entirely. Unlike similar websites, understands that its users have complex views on what are exceedingly multifaceted political issues.

If a user does not understand what a particular political topic is, or perhaps would like to become more knowledgeable on it before clicking an answer to a question, Boutelier and Peck have that covered too. On the right side of each quiz question there is a button labeled “learn more”. This pops up an informational panel on the topic at hand and gives an overview of what things like “affirmative action” really mean.

For anyone who wants to go into the upcoming election feeling informed about important issues as well as where candidates stand on said issues, this website is a great tool to start off with. The quiz can take anywhere from 10-30 minutes, depending on how many questions the user chooses to answer. To take the quiz and see which political candidate your views most line up with, visit